Doom TC

If you're like me -- and I know I am -- you have a few core principles. You know to hold the door for other people, and help old ladies across the street. You know what to say when you misdial the Relief Goddess Office. You know to fasten, then zip. And most importantly:

You know the best way to get ready for Otakon is to pick up some heavy weaponry and re-enact a few scenes from "Dirty Pair: Fatal But Not Serious." And now your wait is over!

[Otakon DOOM!]

What does Otakon DOOM have? Heck, what doesn't it have! As you tour the demon-infested Hunt Valley Inn, you'll see:

[Screenshot 1] The spacious courtyards!
The terrifying possessed otaku! [Screenshot 2]
[Screenshot 3] The opulent video theaters!
The, er, rooftop area thingy! [Screenshot 4]

And many other locations of scenic interest, including Con Ops, panel rooms, the Hunt Cafe, a pool, a nuclear reactor, the core of Hell, and the Dealers' Room. You'll also wield all-new weapons (courtesy of the included Bubblegum Crisis DOOM patch), such as the BG-2000 Eliminator, the Shoulder Mounted Plasma Cannon, and the Vibro-Saber, and even call down fire from orbital laser satellites. Finally, Cooperative and Deathmatch play are both enabled, if you don't feel like taking on the odds alone.

Can you hold fast in the face of such terror, and save Otakon? All right then, bigshot, your hardsuit's waiting...

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