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A list of my favorite links. And also some fellow Anime web masters.

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Anime Web Turnpike - A virtual turnpike to hundreds of Anime Links.

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AnimeLink -- Tom Price's Anime Page
- A fellow web master of Anime. More good info on Anime. Reviews and synopsis on many Anime titles.

Parent's Guide to Anime - self explanatory

Alan Takahashi's Anime Pocket Guide - An index to almost any Anime you ever wanted to know.

Little Washu's Subspace Laboratory- Confused by the title? It's another good Anime web site. No kidding!

Fansub Guide- A good starting point for those hard to find Anime titles that are not available commercially in the U.S.

Anime Explorer- Not a bad Anime web site by someone who is just 15-years-old! A lot of links to sounds, images, and Anime chat.

Masato's Anime-Manga-Launchbase From across the Alantic in Germany a European gateway to Anime links.

Black Cat's Illustration Gallery Page -Many graphics and links to Miyazaki sites. Also featuring the manga The Five Star Stories.

Anime & Manga web page of the Griffin-An excellent web page for those who want to learn just what Anime is.

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