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This series is also known as Oh My Goddess! or Aa Megami-sama. Oh My Goddess! is the title of the AnimEigo release, and Aa Megami-sama is of course the romaji Japanese. Take your pick, but I like Ah!...

68k Ah! My Goddess is about the relationship between Morisato Keiichi, a student at Nekomi Institute of Technology (NIT) and the goddess Belldandy. The two are brought together after Keiichi got hungry one evening, and called out for some food. He dialed the wrong number and got the Relief Goddess Office by accident. From out of the mirror appears Belldandy, offering to grant Keiichi one wish "no matter what it is...".

Keiichi, anxious over his difficulties in getting a girlfriend - he's a little short - wishes for someone to stay with him forever. Someone just like her. Belldandy innocently interprets this as Keiichi wishing for her to stay with him forever. Unfortunately, Keiichi lives in a men-only dorm, so he got thrown out when his sempai returned. Eventually he and Belldandy settle for an old temple...

The show develops from this point, introducing more characters and generally being a very sweet and romantic, and often funny, anime. 123k

Dramatis Personae:

Morisato Keiichi
Keiichi is the rather short, shy, yet kind NIT student who accidentally ends up living with Belldandy. He's got wild, dark hair, brown eyes and is 158 cm tall. He's 21 years old and the star driver of NIT's Motor Cycle Club (NIT MCC).

Belldandy (109k)
She is the first of the RGO [Relief Goddess Office] goddesses that we are introduced to. She is very pretty, with golden/light brown hair and triangular markings underneath her kind, blue eyes. Her forehead bears one of the characteristic goddess marks. Belldandy's domain is The Present and she uses the mirror as a link between our world and Heaven. In terms of earth years, she's about 21 years old. Belldandy is 165 cm tall. Her vital measurements are B 83 cm, W 57 cm and H 84 cm. She is classified as a First Class goddess, Second Category, Unlimited. Belldandy is very fond of Darjeeling tea, as well as the "Prince Of Wales" chocolate brand. 119k

Darjeeling is a brand of black tea grown 2000 m above sea-level in Northeastern India, near the Tibet border, in a stable and good climate.

Skuld is the youngest of the three goddesses, about 12 years old. Skuld has black hair, brown eyes and she's 150 cm tall. Her domain is The Future and she's a Second Class goddess.

In addition to being the Yggdrasil system's debugger - what do you think she uses that hammer of hers for - Skuld builds all sorts of mechanical inventions - most of them not functioning quite the way they should...

Urd is Belldandy's older sister, and she's a Second Class goddess. She is lightly darkskinned, with flowing and slightly curled white hair. Her domain is The Past, and she acts as Cupid as well as running the computer system Yggdrasil back in Heaven.

She is also very good with magic potions... and sake.

The Skuld Movies! - collections of small inline images... it's like a manga without the words!!!

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Keiichi and Belldandy, and Urd. Laserdisc cover artwork.

Dial-A-Goddess: 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 7 : 8 : 9 - Small caricatures of the various Ah! My Goddess characters. They are originally from an ad for the 'Tokuten Ou' CD.

AMG LD Covers 1 : 2 - AnimeEigo release, AFS scans,~ 75k each.

The Ah! My Goddess Image Index - with over 200 k of inline pictures.

The three Goddesses at a cafe window. (121k)

For more information about the personalities of the Ah! My Goddess universe, visit the character information subsection of The Relief Goddess Office Homepage, where most of the resource information presented here came from.

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