Puu pupu puuuu puu puu Puu puuu!

Mokona! You just gotta love him! *Puu!* /^o^\

Hello and welcome to the Temple of the Great Mokona! I am Hikaru, Mokona no Miko (Priestess of Mokona), and I will guide you through the shrine dedicated to the Great Jeweled Marshmallow that Defines Kawaii!! *Puu!* /^o^\ Here you shall be able to see Mokona, worship Mokona, praise Mokona, hear the Kawaii One's words (or rather, Puus) of wisdom, and so on! Oh, by the way! Did you know that our great Mokona is the God of Cefiro? *Puu!* /^o^\ Oh! The Great Marshmallow wants to speak to you, oh Puuued Visitor! The Great Jeweled Marshmallow says *Puu pupuu Puu puu!* Being the Mokona no Miko, I understand everything the Kawaii One says! It says "Please visit the rooms in this Shrine!" Everyone must obey Mokona's wishes... So please, stay here a little and be overpuuued with Mokona kawaiiness! /^o^\ *Puuuu!!*

Mokona's Favorite Places! *Puu!*

The Mokona Images Gallery! *Puu!*
See images of the Great Mokona! *Puu!*
Mokona's Puus of Wisdom! *Puu!*
Listen to Mokona's Puus of great wisdom! *Puu!*
Tribute to Mokona! *Puu!*
The Magic Knights' song to Mokona! (as a tribute)
Mokona Fanart Gallery! *Puu!*
The Mokona Fanart Gallery! *Puu!* Yes, you can contribute!! /^_-\
Mokona's Virtual Puustcard Service!!! *Puu!*
Now you can send virtual Postcards of Mokona to all your friends!! Let them see the Kawaiiness of Mokona! *Puu!* ^_-x
Coming Soon! *Puu!*
Come, check what's going to be on this page in the near future! *Puu!*
Angel Mercury's Temple of Anime
Here are Mokona no Miko's anime drawings and stories!
Rurouni Kenshin
Mokona no Miko's site to one of her favorite anime/manga series!
Ways to contact Mokona no Miko! *Puu!*
If you feel the need to express your Mokona obsession, you can simply contact me, the Miko! *Puu!*
Mokona's Worshipers Book! *Puu!*
Tell everyone how much you love Mokona! *Puu!*
Great Puu Ring of Mokona! *Puu!*
Have a Mokona-dedicated page or simply a shrine, or even a couple pictures? Join the Ring!! *Puu!*

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