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Majo no Takkyubin
[ Kiki's Delivery Service ]
1989; Direction: Miyazaki; 102 min.
Based on the book by KADONO Eiko.

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(Some stores reportedly had copies available for sale as early as Wednesday, August 26th.)

Example headlines:
Jan '98 Headline: Kiki video release: September 1st, 1998
August '98 Headline: Disney to release a subbed VHS of Kiki

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Kiki Poster
Kiki is a 13-year old witch. When a witch turns 13, it is traditional for her to move away from home to spend a year in another city or town where there is no witch already living, so that she can learn to be independant and practice her trade.

This is Kiki's story of the beginning of her year away from home. She and her black cat Jiji run into a little trouble at first, but they soon make friends in their new city by the sea.

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