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KONDO, Yoshifumi (1950-1998) 

Mr. Kondo passed away at 4:25am, January 21st, 1998, in Tokyo Tachikawa City Hospital, victim of an aneurysm. He was 47 years of age. His funeral took place at 1pm, January 23rd, 1998, at the Buddhist temple in Kiyose, and was led by his wife, Mrs. Hiroko Kondo.  [Picture of Kondo, Yoshifumi] 
Mr. Kondo. 
The character Shizuku, from Whisper of the Heart (directed by Mr. Kondo). 
Studio Ghibli posted an obituary in Japanese. 

Transcripts of the heartfelt eulogies by Mr. Miyazaki (in Japanese / English), and by Mr. Takahata (in Japanese / English), are also available. 

News Report about the funeral 
In Memoriam 
"Tsuyu to kie  
maboroshi to kie  
inazuma no  
kage no gotoku ni  
mi wa omou beshi" 
-Ikkyu Sojun- 
"Like vanishing dew,  
a passing apparition  
or sudden flash  
of lightning - already gone -  
thus should one regard one's self." 

Poem provided by Mark Vallen 


Animation Supervisor, Character Designer, Director 
Mr. Kondo. 
Born on March 31st, 1950, Kondo had worked for Miyazaki and Takahata from the early part of his career as an animator at A Pro. He was the animation supervisor of "Anne of Green Gables", "Grave of the Fireflies", "Kiki", and "Only Yesterday". He also did character design for "Grave of the Fireflies". He worked as a technical director for "Sorairo no Tane" in 1992. In 1995, he directed "Whisper of the Heart", which was his directing debut. He also worked as one of the supervising animators of Mononoke Hime

kondobook "Futo Furikaeruto (When I Turn Around)"
ISBN: 4-19-860832-6/1998.03
Price: 2,300 yen
100 page
Ghibli has published an artbook of Kondo, which compiles the illustrations Kondo did for "Animage" and such.

                                                               To the blue ocean over the mountain, 

                                                              To the fine clear sky,  

                                                              Melting gently with  
                                                              Light, winds, trees, water, and earth,
                                                              Please rest in peace.

                                                              I will never forget you. 

                                                                   January 23, 1998 
                                                                  Hayao Miyazaki   


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