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Kurenai no Buta
[ Porco Rosso - The Crimson Pig ]

1992; Screenplay, storyboards, direction: Miyazaki; 93 min.
Based on the manga "Zassou Note, Hikoutei Jidai"
("Miscellaneous Memoranda - The Age of Seaplanes")

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Porco Rosso Poster

"Porco Rosso" was first planned as a 30-45 minutes in-flight movie on Japan Airlines ("a movie which tired businessmen on international flights can enjoy even with their minds dulled due to lack of oxygen"). As Miyazaki's imagination took off, it became a feature-length movie about an Italian Air Force pilot who left the service due to the rise of fascism. He became a bounty hunter, assuming the name "Porco Rosso".

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