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Delta RobotBlocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster

(c) 1976 - Ashi for Nippon Animation - 38 Episodes

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The Story

The Earth is invaded by the descendants of Moguru: an ancient civilization awoken after a thousand-years sleep. Dr. Yuri, chief of the World Defense Organization, orders to abduct some kids: Teppei, Billy, Jinta and Gansuke all of them having a special power, known as Y POWER, that enables them to control three giant Robots. Yoshida, the assistant of Dr.Yuri, has Y POWER also and he'll be the leader of the Blocker Team and control a fourth giant robot. The Blocker Team will have to fight Hellqueen, evil queen of Atlantis, and her mechanical monsters.

This is a (very) summarized story of the series... I'm always looking for more infos but it seems nobody remember of this series at all! If you have infos please let me know about it, thanx!


Toshihiko Sato is the creator of the series and he's also the founder of Ashi Production. Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster is the first series produced by Ashi Production.

Pictures from the animated series

Last updated: July 16th, 1997

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