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[Picture of Daltanias]

Mirai Robot Daltanias

(c) 1979 Toei Co., 47 Episodes.
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(c) 1997 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -


The story is set in Japan, present day. Ten years earlier the Earth was invaded by aliens that destroyed almost all the cities in the world and put a giant robot as a guardian to them. People are now struggling for their lives and kids usually join together in gangs. Kento, Danji, Sanae, Mita, Tanosuke, Jiro and Manabu they are all member of the same gang and one day they discover the entrance of a underground space base. Chief of this base is professor Earl who escaped from his native planet after it was attacked by the same aliens who are now on Earth. Kento and Danji are then chosen as the pilots of Atlas and Gumper, respectively a Robot and a Spacecraft, together they will have to fight and defend the Earth. Atlas and Gumper can join together with a mechanical lion called Beralios, all three of them give life to the great Daltanias, a giant and powerful robot. Unfortunately the lion is missing, in fact when professor Earl arrived on Earth he 'crashed and burned' and couldn't find Beralios anymore... however one day while Kento was fighting against the Akrons (that's the name of the aliens) gave off from his chest a powerful light shaped as a cross and thanks to this light Beralios woke up from his sleep and they could finally join together and see the great Daltanias! This event proved to professor Earl that Kento is the son of Harlin (the King of Helios) and a descendant of the ancient Helios dinasty that was missing since he was 3 years old. Kento will then find his real father and together with him and his friends they will save the Earth.

Note: I'm gonna 'expand' this story as soon as I got the time to do it... meanwhile consider this as a short summary of the series plot. :)


Character Designer: Saburo Yatsude.
Arrangements of Scenes: Toshi Gofumi
Animators: Kojo Akino, Akikiro Kanayama
Director of Animations: Norio Nashima
Art Director: Tadao Nagahama

The series is made of 47 episodes and was first aired in Japan from March 21st,1979 till March 5th, 1980.

Some pictures from the series Mirai Robot Daltanias

Kento and Danji

Kento's ready to go inside Atlas

Atlas, Gumper and Earl's Base

"Total Hook Up!!"

Atlas, Beralios and Gumper joining together


Daltanias using its burning sword

Mirai Robot Daltanias

[The Story] [Pictures] [Credits]
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Last Updated: September 22nd,1997

(c) 1997 By Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

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