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[Takuma Ichimonji, Danguard pilot]

Wakusei Robot Danguard Ace

(c) 1977 Toei Doga, 56 Episodes.

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(c) 1997 By The Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

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The Story

Everything started with the discovery of a new planet of the solar system: Prometeo the tenth planet very similar to our Earth. Millions of men poured their hope on that planet and scientists from all over the world worked together to build a space rocket to reach the far planet. Finally that day arrived, after years of work, at the space base of Tobishima's Island (Japan), the Rocket (named Prometeo) was ready for its first launch: Dan Ichimonji was nominated commander of the mission but just after Prometeo's lift-off Dan's Jet started to head towards the sea and then disappeared. Nobody ever find the plane nor its pilot... Takuma Ichimonji, Dan's only son, watched his father disappear in the sea, his sorrow was great, and grew even more when chancellor Doppler (one of the scientists involved in the "Project Prometeo") said Dan Ichimonji was a traitor who run away with secret informations of the Project Prometeo. Everybody now started to point Takuma as the son of the traitor and also his friends didn't want to play with him anymore. Takuma swore to become the best pilot in the world and to honor his father's memory once grown up.


Takuma is grown up and he works as a cadet pilot at the same space base where his father worked. One day a giant robot attacks the space base and Takuma goes out with his Jet to destroy the enemy thus demonstrating how brave he is, but the robot is stronger and faster then he thought and Takuma is forced to leave the fight (The robot came from Doppler's Lab, the evil scientist had already declared war to all other scientists involved in the Prometeo Project because he wanted the planet all for himself and for a new race of super-humans). The giant robot is almost destroying Takuma's Jet when two precise shots from a strange space-craft turn the robot into a giant ball of fire! The enemy is destroyed, and Takuma is very surprised to see in the anonymous space-craft a soldier of the Doppler Army. The pilot that helped Takuma in the fight becomes a member of the space base but nobody knows is real identity since he doesn't remember anything except his name, DAN, and since he's got his face hidden by a steel mask (Doppler used that steel mask to control his brainwashed soldiers, their brain was surgically linked up to the mask that could never be removed). From now on the attacks of Doppler robots become more and more intense and dangerous and the defense system of the space base reveals his weakness, they need a new special weapon! Doctor Galax (chief of the space base) calls the best scientists and technicians and asks for their help, after many months of plans and designs they start to build the robot that will keep the Prometeo Project alive and successfull: Danguard Ace!! The giant robot however cannot be driven by a common man, the Danguard pilot has to be physically and psychologically strong and for this reason the pilot would be chosen between the youngest and bravest pilots of the space base. The question now is: who's gonna teach these kids?? The masked man, now called Captain Dan, is gonna be the instructor, in fact his ability makes him the only guy able to teach to the future Danguard pilots. After many hard tests three pilots are chosen as potential Danguard pilots and Takuma is one of them. After many hard training days Takuma is finally chosen as the Danguard pilot. Captain Dan however in not totally satisfied by the performance of Takuma and forces him to harder and harder training sessions but Takuma tolerates them all, he just want to be the best pilot and redeem his father's memory. Danguard starts a long war against Doppler's troops, and he wins them all but Doppler keep sending stronger robots each time, the battles are not always easy for Takuma. Later on, captain Dan reveals his true identity to Dr.Galax only: he's Dan Ichimonji, Takuma's father. He was taken prisoner by Doppler but the brainwasher machine didn't work very well and that enabled him to escape. Danguard will have to fight many more battles but at the end he'll finally destroy all of Doppler's Army and also kill Doppler. Only at the end of the series Captain Dan will reveal his identity to his son, and together they'll successfully accomplish the Prometeo Project.

Pictures from the series Wakusei Robot Danguard Ace

[Danguard Ace]
Danguard Ace
[Danguard Ace shooting]
Danguard Ace shooting two Smashers
[Captain Dan]
Captain Dan
Chancellor Doppler


Many great artists are involved in the creation of this fantastic series by Reiji Matsumoto but two of them deserve some more credit: Tomoharo Katsumata, director of the series and the awesome Shingo Araki, character designer.

The series is copyrighted by Toei Doga and is made of 56 episodes. The original TV series was aired in Japan from March,6th 1977 till March,26th 1978.

Wakusei Robot Danguard Ace

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Last Updated: July 31st,1997

(c) 1997 By The Guyver. All Rights Reserved.
- All Pictures are Copyrights of their respective owners -

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