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Welcome to my page

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Welcome to my Super Robot Page. This page dedicated to the great anime from the past. I won't refer them as old although I watches the first movie, Voltes V, in around 1985. After watching the first movie, I fall in love with Japanese Super Robots, until now. When I surf around the net I stumble on some pages with some Super Robots description. I also surpise ( jumping around with joy, to be precise ) when I find game like Super Robot Taisen (Super Robot Wars) series. This proof that the Super Robots is not forgotten after all this time. They still have some fans.

I'm sure there are some other Super Robot fans out there . . . .

What's currently on my page

Series Reviews/Robot Descriptions, just incase you haven't see these wonderful anime and want to find out what is it all about.

Seiyuu Section. Want to see who's filling the voices of some Super Robot characters? Then enter here. You can see them.

Media gallery. A multi-media gallery, consist of pics, musics, and some song lyrics.

My Neo Super Robot War Mini Tips for Beginner. Some hints and tips, just incase you're stuck in the game.
About Myself. A little about me. Who is me, what I do, etc.
Links and Contributions. Presented for those who have given me a big support in building / upgrading this page. Also links to some other interesting places.

Trader section. For those who are looking for japanese tapes / toys.


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Series Reviews

These are the reviews that currently I have. Please enjoy it. Many of these links are still not active yet. That is because I don't have enough time to do some research about these robots. The images I use in this page come from different sources, some from the net, my own CGs, picture scans from books, and .. game. Any corrections/additons will be appreciated, since what we're talking here area very rare informations.

The '?' marks are representing my doubt whether they can be catagorized as Super Robots or not.

Super Robot Series

Real Robot Series

Links and Contributions

There are some friends who have helped me in supporting this page. Many thanks to :

Davide Guida, for his patience in answering my questions about FTP and managing my MP3 files.

Danu Permana, for lending me his robot data books, like Hero Machine series.

The Machine at Machine page. He is a sensei in the Super Robot stuffs. His page is _very_ informative, and a must see for Super Robot fans.

Hitoshi Doi , for letting me using his very extensive seiyuu database.

David Rodriguez at daverod's Home Page, another super robot page, Eric S Penland who has bombarded me with info about GoShogun , Mazinger Z , and Getta Robot.
Guyver at The Guyver's Anime & Manga Pages , who has helped me out with some
series, and inspiring me in creating those CGs on my page.

Rogue in contributing many informations about Voltes V and God Sigma.

Jeffriza Francois, Marinos Marathias, Lau Chin Cheung/Wang, Mambo for giving me informations on Getta Robot.
Robert Felix, Philip Niño Tan-Gatue, for the help on several series

Leonardo Meele, for sending many corrections and input about various series.

Andi Saptono, for his song based poem about Macross.

Fauzan Azmi Ibrahim, for trying to translate those song lyrics.

And to many people who has sent me many emails and visited my page.

Sayaka Kabuto's page of Lady Robot Labo. His page is devoted to the female robots. Have a very nice CGs. A must visit!

Other links :

For Mazinger's fans, here is a link to Mazinger page, runs by Roberto Cruz

Transformer fans, visit this page. This guy have some neat transformer toys

Looking for Mazinger tapes? Visit this one!

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