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Guardian of Darkness


  An ancient evil has awakened. According to legend, three dragons shall re-emerge from the Earth to wreak havoc upon the land. Preying upon the weak-willed, the dragon spirits grow stronger as they devour the soulds of their chosen hosts. Only the Warrior-God Susanoo can fulfill the ancient prophesy and defeat the growing evil.

  Unpopular in school and tormented by her classmates, Terumi makes an offering at the accursed Shrine of Eight-headed Dragon, hoping that the gods will answer her prayers: to become more popular. But the evil dragon spirit that was bound to the shrine possesses her body, granting her wish and leaving a trail of student bodes in its wake.

  Meanwhile, Terumi's friend, Koichi, has been plagued by nightmares of death and destruction. His only key to these visions, a mysterious priestess and a supposedly mythical battle between a nearly-forgotten warrior-god and a horde of evil dragons.

  According to the ancient prophesies, Koichi must accept the power of the long-dormant warrior-god, Susanoo or Terumi will be lost forever and the dragons will prey upon mankind once more!


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