BlackJack Image Shrine
BJ in full-body splendour.

BlackJack created by Ozamu Tezuka. Pictures on this page were taken from the anime, manga and the Tezuka Productions Manga Museum, unless otherwise stated.


A pensive BJ. Perhaps he's just lost a patient? Action shots, from the manga. A sketch of BJ by yours truly, and quite possibly his only online glamour shot.


BlackJack's medical kit

Home, sweet home... BJ's study. (Not that he's ever there...)


Washuu-chan and Kodachi's Harem of Anime Men - an excellent all-around... ah... 'resource', with witty comments by the maintainers accompanying every entry. Look for BJ in the 'B's...
Summary Page - This page provides an overview of the series similar to the one I'm too lazy to write. No pictures, though.
Serpent's BlackJack Page - A recap of the above, in a format more pleasing to the eye.
BlackJack's Page - The best BlackJack page currently out there. Then again, that's not saying much. Featured are a fun summary and info sheet, good links and a nice portrait from the manga. The background's not half bad, either.
Tezuka Productions - The mandatory link to the site of BJ's creator. Believe it or not, he's also responsible for Astroboy. In Japanese.

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