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2/21 -- I realize that by now you all have either presumed I'm dead, or would like to personally arrange for me to become so. ^_^; I'm sorry about the long wait. Henceforth I will quit making any sort of promises relating to promptness of future updates. It's too dangerous an occupation. ^_^;

Translations of Acts 222 through 227 are now up in Manga Translations, thanks to Miko's hard work and remarkable persistence in nagging your unworthy administrator. In other news, quite a lot of stuff has happened. Volume 24 of the manga is out in the U.S., while the first of the OVAs has been released in Japan. There's also a new artbook available which apparently features some art from the OVAs.

Word on the street has it that the RK anime has been licensed to some official U.S. distributor, and thus Shinsen Gumi has ceased distribution of their fansubs. To those who have yet to get as much of the show as they want, I can only recommend seeking out your local anime club. (A brief reminder: no, the RKA is not in the fansub distribution business. I can't make copies for you. Sorry.) Also, the UCI Bookstore has announced that it will no longer be importing merchandise from Japan. *RK junkies keel over in horror* Though they still have some old stock left, UCI is directing customers seeking new imports to Tokyo Pop.

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