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 Konnichi wa and welcome to Sakura's Clow Cards! This page is about the recent manga and anime series Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP (it runs in Nakayoshi and airs on NHK). On the right there is the Clow. It's a book that holds the Clow cards. Click on it to see some Clow cards that Sakura-chan has captured!

What is the Clow?

      Card Captor Sakura is about a young girl named Sakura, who finds a book entitled The Clow in her father's bookshelf.

    Sakura-chan meets Kerobos (spelling?) who is the guardian of The Clow. Kero-chan (Kerobos's nickname) looks too cute and adorable to be called by Kerobos, so Sakura gives him the name Kero-chan. Kero-chan fell asleep when he should have been watching The Clow and while he slept, all the Clow cards escaped. When the Clow cards are free, they can trick people and even hurt people as well. Kero-chan appoints Sakura-chan the offical "Card Captor" of the Clow cards!


Welcome to Sakura's Clow Cards!

        Welcome to my web page! I hope you'll find it informative, helpful, up to date and fun!!       
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News & Updates

        I've added some more info and links! I hope to episode summaries up and more pages up soon! I finished all the Character Profiles - please check them out - I think they look pretty neat!
        I added a new character to the Character Guide: Meiling Li, Shaoran's sister. She only appears in the anime, and I don't have much info on her, but she's very kawaii!!


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