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These are Stephanie's pages dedicated to Tenkuu no Escaflowne (Escaflowne of the High Skys) a.k.a. The Vision of Escaflowne. Escaflowne is a 26 episode, Japanese animated series released by Sunrise. It ran from 4/2/96 to 9/24/96 on TEREBI Tokyo. I really enjoyed this series and I wanted to be able to give other people the opportunity to get an idea of what it's about. My Japanese translating skills are not the best, I just started taking classes this year, so I can't be completely certain of all my facts. However, if I've put it on any of these pages, you can be fairly certain I'm pretty confident about the accuracy of the information. (How's that for a non-committal reassurance. ^_^) There are also quite a few images on the following pages, best viewed by a monitor with at least a few thousand colors. I'll be updating and adding pictures and information as often as I can. Be warned, there are some spoilers on the following pages, but as yet, they are kept to a minimum. If you haven't seen the series yet, I hope these pages makes you curious enough to want to watch it. Enjoy!








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Well! It's been a while hasn't it! Sorry about that. I've been pretty busy with school, the holidays and paying my debts to society (no, I do not care to elaborate ^_-). Tonikaku, I have made a few changes, with many more planned for the near (I hope ^_^;;) future. I've finally been able to translate the lyrics to the songs from Soundtrack 3, so that page is at last up. I added an applet to the Story Page, nothing big but I thought it would be cute. ^_^ There are a few more links on the Links Page, but that's about it for now. Of particular interest, in my opinion, is a Japanese page in English detailing the works of Youko Kanno. I had hoped to add a few more episode summaries, but they have disappeared from the disk I had them on. ;_; On the other hand, I have many, many more images to add to these pages. I just have to figure out a good way to present them!

mata ne!

Stephanie :)

P.S. There are now 3 Escaflowne art books available. Sunrise Art Book V, the Roman Album Memorial Collection, and the B-Club Mook Memory of Gaea. I highly recommend them to any fans of the show. You can order them from any local (and even not so local) Japanese bookstore. They are absolutely beautiful!

These pages are currently under heavy construction.

All the character images, character names and logos are the property of Sunrise, TEREBI Tokyo, and Kadokawa Comics. They are used here without permission, but hopefully everyone understands that this is a tribute to and endorsement of this series, not meant for any kind of personal gain. I'm just a very enthusiastic fan who wants to make some information available to others who might be interested.

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