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"Shoujo Kakumei Utena - la fillette revolutionnaire -" is a copyrighted work.
(C) Be-PaPas, Chiho Saito / Shogakukan, Shokaku Iinkai, TV Tokyo.


Project & Original Story: Be-PaPas
Original Concept & Series Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Original Concept & Original Art: Chiho Saito
Original Episode Script: Yoji Enokido
Original Episode Director: Toru Takahashi
English Translation: Taeko
English Script Editing: Al the Editing Guy, Haamel, Microman M-256, Robert Paige, Sailor T, & Utena Translation Project
English Script Checking: Yasuyuki Sato
Translator's Note: Yasuyuki Sato

SCRIPT (episode 5; version 1.0; 9/9/1998)

OP         Heroically, with bravery
OP         I'll go on with my life,
OP         just a long, long time.
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         let go of me,
OP         Take my revolution.
Title       Utena - La Fillette Revolutionnaire
OP         In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands,
OP         drew close together and soothed each other with the
OP         "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
OP         Everytime
OP         Into this photograph of us
OP         smiling cheek to cheek,
OP         I took a bit of loneliness,
OP         and crammed it inside.
OP         Revolution!
OP         Even in my dreams, even through my tears,
OP         even though I'm being hurt,
OP         reality is approaching now, frantically.
OP         What I want now is to find out
OP         just where I belong,
OP         and my self-worth, up through today.
OP         Heroically, I'll throw away
OP         my clothes 'til I'm nude,
OP         like the roses dancing all around me, whirling
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         I swear to you, I will change the world.

girl 1 Hey, hey! Look! This is amazing! girl 2 What's amazing? girl 1 Look! Captain Juri and Micky! girl 3 It's amazing, all right! girl 1 Didn't I tell you it was amazing? girl 3 Too amazing! girl 1 That's to be expected, though. girl 1 They're both national level players. girl 2 Ah, that figures. girl 1 Hey, hey, by the way... girls We saw it! It was amazing! Cool! Juri Well, you've finally defeated me. Juri You've improved. Miki No, I'm not good enough. Miki I've yet to reach perfection. Juri Well, imperfection IS your strength. Juri It's a power because of your purity. Juri Your sword always has the force of your sincerity. Juri And today, it seems to be stronger than ever. Juri Is it because of the girl whose answer sheet you're correcting? Miki Wh-what are you talking about? Juri But, I don't think your sword is meant for real fighting. Title The Sunny Garden - Finale - Miki Here you are. Anthy Thank you. Miki This looks like that garden. Utena Hey, Chuchu, wait! Utena Oops. Guess I'm not wanted here. Miki The sound... Miki The sound that I've been seeking... Utena This is the same music Himemiya was playing last night, isn't it? Miki Yes. Miki It's "The Sunny Garden," which my sister and I wrote when we were very young. Utena You wrote it? But it's a famous composition, isn't it? Miki My twin sister and I used to play with the piano like a toy since we were old enough to understand such things... Miki In that garden... Miki Our playing always used to surprise the grown-ups in the neighborhood. Utena So, you siblings were both child geniuses. Miki Now I realize that all of my happiness rested in that garden. But... Miki But... Utena But? Miki But I ruined it. Miki I ruined it all by myself! Kozue A concert? Miki Yup. Next Thursday, everyone's coming to see us. Kozue But, going out in front of all those strangers... Kozue All those strangers scare me. Miki It'll be okay, really. I'll be right there with you. Miki All you have to do is to play the piano with me, just like we always have. Miki There's nothing to be afraid of. Doctor He has the measles. Doctor Well, one week of bedrest and he should be fine. Man Okay, dear, it's time to go to the concert hall. Man Everyone's been waiting. Give it your best shot for your brother's sake, okay? Sis Onii-chan! Sis onii-chan... onii-chan... Sis onii-chan... onii-chan... Sis ONII-CHA-----N! Man Without warning, she fled the stage and hid herself until dark. Man For some time after that she wouldn't say a word. Miki After that, she stopped playing the piano. Miki Until then, I had never realized how much I loved her piano... Miki and how much I loved that garden. Miki No matter how much my technique improved, Miki I could never capture that quality of her playing. Miki And that's all I continue to play for. Miki But HER playing... Himemiya-san's has it. Utena So you're the "Love is blind" type, then. Miki I've finally found my "glow." Utena Is that supposed to be a confession of love, then? Utena How about it, Himemiya? Utena Do you like younger boys? Anthy Well, I am your bride, Utena-sama. Utena Hey, Himemiya. Would you stop saying "I am your bride, Utena-sama" all the time? Anthy But still, I am engaged to you, Utena-sama. Utena Now look! Utena It's not like I agreed that you're my bride! Utena It's crazy to make a girl a bride of the winner of a duel. Utena I won't stand for a system that ignores a person's personality! touga If the egg's shell does not break, the chick will die without being born. touga We are the chick; the egg is the world. touga If the world's shell does not break, we will die without being born. touga Break the world's shell! touga,juri For the sake of revolutionizing the world! Juri What is today's meeting for? Juri A letter from the Ends of the World hasn't arrived yet, has it? Touga Well... Touga We have all been meeting and carrying out the letters' instructions. Touga But today, an urgent motion was made. Miki The urgent motion is this: I propose the dissolution of the Student Council. Touga This is rather sudden... Miki It's ridiculous to try to win Himemiya-san with the Duels. Miki I think this kind of thing should not be allowed after all. Miki No matter how great the power we might receive, this system, Miki which can disregard Himemiya Anthy's very personality, should not be tolerated. Juri Love changes a person. Juri I see. Juri It was HER exam paper that you corrected... Touga Sometimes youthfulness is such an obstacle Touga that you can't see what you want. Miki But isn't all we're doing just ruining something vital to humanity anyway? Juri Break the world's shell. Juri ...for the sake of revolutionizing the world.
Kozue Ow... Kozue Oh! Kozue That wasn't very friendly. Miki Get out of my way. Kozue You dropped your score book. Kozue So, should we give it another try? Miki I expect nothing of you. Miki As if you had the will to play. What are you doing here? Kozue Nothing special... but, I'm free to do what I want. Kozue The music classroom isn't just for playing with the piano. girl Morning! How are you? Kozue Morning! I'm fine. Touga Morning, Kaoru Miki-kun. Touga Your sister is as pretty as you are. Touga And just as agreeable... Anthy Good morning. Touja If something is really important to you, seize it and protect it with your own hands, Touja lest someone should steal it, Micky. Touja Even if the Student Council were dissolved, there'd still be Duelists after the Rose Bride. Touja Only the one who is engaged to her can do as he pleases with her. Miki "Do as he pleases..." Miki "Do as he pleases..." Miki Himemiya-san, when did you start playing the piano? Anthy I don't know. It was too long ago to remember very clearly. Miki Really? Miki You must have been as cute as an angel when you were very young. Miki My sister's piano was really wonderful. Miki I won't lose it this time. Miki I swear it! Miki Do you like playing the piano? Anthy Yes. Miki Would you play for me again? Anthy If Utena-sama allows me... Miki How about tomorrow? Anthy If Utena-sama allows me... Miki Well, is Tenjou-sempai's permission required for everything you do? Anthy Certainly, since I am the Rose Bride. Miki Well then... Miki if Tenjou-sempai told you to quit the piano, would you? Anthy Of course. Anthy The one I'm engaged to can do as he pleases with me. Touga Only the one who is engaged to her can do as he pleases with her. Touga If something is really important to you, seize it and protect it with your own hands, Touga lest someone should steal it, Micky. Touga There's no end to Duelists after the Rose Bride. Miki Don't worry. Miki I'll protect that quality of your playing. Anthy Thank you, thank you. Wakaba When is your make-up exam? Utena Next week. Utena I guess... everything is gonna be OK, thanks to a great tutor. Wakaba Eh? Who is your tutor? Girl1 It's Micky, it's Micky! Girl1 I wonder what he's doing here. Girl1 He's stopped. Utena Hi! If you're looking for Himemiya, she's probably in the greenhouse. Miki Actually, I've business with you today, Tenjou-sempai. Utena I'm doing okay. Linear functions, simultaneous equations, and stuff. Wakaba So, your tutor is... Utena Yep. Miki Today after school, I'll be waiting for you at the arena. Miki I'll be waiting for you. Boss Behold this vast expanse of ocean! Boss Bringing a hundred men with me, I have set sail on the seven seas! Boss I am a pirate. Boss All the world's riches are now in my hands. Henchman I wonder, I wonder, but Boss? Henchman Why's your treasure chest missing ONLY what you want? Boss What I really want? Henchman Cos... That's why ya can't quit being a pirate boss, ain't it? boss What I really want... Henchman Boss, what you really want... what you really want is... Boss What I really want is.... Henchman Oops! Boss, we've sprung a leak. ZUM Absolute Destiny Apocalypse ZUM Absolute Destiny Apocalypse ZUM Birth records ZUM Baptismal records ZUM Death records ZUM Absolute Destiny Apocalypse ZUM Absolute Destiny Apocalypse ZUM My own birth, ZUM Absolute birth, ZUM Apocalypse ZUM A wet-nurse and a midwife in a dark desert ZUM A gold-gilded Shangri-La ZUM Day and night reversing ZUM A time-gilded Lost Paradise ZUM Darkness of Sodom ZUM Darkness of light ZUM Darkness in the distance ZUM Darkness never ending ZUM Absolute Destiny Apocalypse ZUM Absolute Destiny Apocalyptic Darkness; Apocalypse ZUM mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo ZUM mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo Utena So, it's come to this, Micky... Miki I have to get that music back. Miki Therefore, whatever it takes, I must have the Bride Utena It suits you better to sit down at the piano. Juri Definitely. Anthy O roses of the noble castle... Anthy O Power of Dios that slumbers within me... Anthy Harken unto thy master and reveal to us... Utena ...the power to revolutionize the world! Miki The Rose Bride will be mine, Miki even if I have to hurt you! Spira The theatre, Spira gifted spirits, Spira a collective phenomenon. Miki Do you like playing the piano? Anthy Yes. Spira The theatre, Miki She will be mine, without fail. Spira gifted characters, Spira a phantasmic reality. Spira Operating table, Spira a shipwreck, Spira pure drama... spira mirabilis Spira Still spiraling, Spira transforming, Spira in the vortex. spira mirabilis Utena He's good... Spira in Scipio's dream Miki I'd figured as much. Miki This is something I'd expect from someone who beat Saionji-san twice. Spira The theatre Spira illusory spirits, Spira movement of immortality Spira The theatre, Miki You're good. Spira illusory characters, Utena Gee, thanks. Miki But I will get the Bride's piano. Spira structure of immortality Utena Like this? Spira Ammonite, Spira alchemy, Spira scarab... spira mirabilis Anthy I'm all that the one I'm engaged to wishes. Spira Dying just to live once more. Spira spira mirabilis Miki Her eyes are telling me... Miki that she wants to be set free. Spira in the vortex of miracles. Miki I will protect you... Spira mai mai mai mai Miki I will protect your beautiful sound, Himemiya-san! Spira mai mai mai mai Utena Let's settle this! Spira Never-ending theatre Spira On the geometric stage Miki I won't be beaten! She believes in me! Spira of life and the mystery of death, Anthy There! Utena-sama, get him! Spira Exeunt, all! Spira Death rebirth death rebirth death rebirth death rebirth Spira Death rebirth death rebirth death rebirth death rebirth Spira Death rebirth death rebirth death rebirth! Utena Now you should have nothing to complain of. Miki Is there no one who will be my "glow?" Miki Anyone? Anthy Thank you for everything. Anthy Would you tutor me again? girl Are you sure you used to play the piano? girl Even I could do better. Kozue Well, I never had the talent. Kozue nor the interest... girl So why were you playing? Kozue When I was very young, Kozue there was a boy next door who often gave me love letters, Kozue saying "I love your piano playing." Kozue He had the mistaken idea that I could play the piano well. Kozue Since I'd always played with my brother, Kozue people thought that I was as good as he was. Kozue He was such a genius that no matter how badly I played, he could cover for it. Kozue But when we had a concert, Kozue he came down with a fever and it all fell apart. Kozue It came out that I couldn't do anything by myself. girl Your brother is so cool, though. Kozue He sure is. Miki Tenjou-sempai. Utena Micky. Miki I wasn't concentrating enough yesterday. Miki But next time, I won't lose. Utena Come on...
ED Missing truth and forever ED Kissing love and true your heart ED Embrace me with your true arms ED The key to open up tomorrow is reality ED I want to keep on destroying lies. ED Even if we keep on talking, ED you still won't ever see. ED Excuses really suit adults ED who hang on to old stories. ED Because unchosen angels ED have no need for wings. ED Missing truth and forever, ED Kissing love and true your heart, ED I will like tomorrow's new me. ED At least I believe so; I want to believe it, ED so I want to keep lies hating me.
Title Preview of Next Episode Utena Lately, it looks like someone's trying to kill Nanami. Anthy Oh, my... Utena Don't "Oh, my!" me! Utena They say that animals were involved in all the incidents, Utena which makes it look like YOU are the criminal!! Anthy But, Utena-sama... Anthy Nanami-san looks like she's having fun, playing with the wild horse. Utena She's not playing with it, she's running from it! Anthy Oh, my! Utena Next time on Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Nanami-sama, Beware! Anthy The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse.


Henchman   I wonder, I wonder, but Boss?
The original Japanese is "Kashira, Kashira, Demo Kashira?" The first two "kashira"s are the sentence ending word that means "I wonder," but the last one is the Japanese word for "head", or "boss" in this context. The two words sound different to Japanese speakers' ears because of the pitches: the former HI-LO-LO, the latter LO-HI-HI. And of course, this sentence is intended to be a pun.

Spira      in Scipio's dream
That's the only name of a celebrity we could find for the Japanese "suki pio."
1. Publius Cornelius S. Aemilianus Africanus Minor Numantius; 185-129BC; Roman General. (An adopted child of the firstborn child of 2)
2. Publius Cornelius S. Africanus Major; 236-184BC; Roman General.
But we do not know how they are related to the lyrics. Did they make Spira Mirabilis Theater? If you have any idea, let us know.

Spira      mai mai mai mai
"maimai" is a Japanese word for "snail," and it seems to fit in the context. But we decided to treat it as chant and not to translate into English.

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