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(C) Be-PaPas, Chiho Saito / Shogakukan, Shokaku Iinkai, TV Tokyo.


Project & Original Story: Be-PaPas
Original Concept & Series Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Original Concept & Original Art: Chiho Saito
Original Episode Script: Yoji Enokido
Original Episode Director: Yukio Okazaki
English Translation: Yasuyuki Sato
English Script Editing: Haamel, Microman M-256, Robert Paige, Sailor T, & Utena Translation Project
English Script Checking: Yasuyuki Sato
Translator's Note: Yasuyuki Sato

SCRIPT (episode 7; version 1.0; 9/9/1998)

OP         Heroically, with bravery
OP         I'll go on with my life,
OP         just a long, long time.
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         let go of me,
OP         Take my revolution.
Title      Utena ~ La Fillette Revolutionnaire
OP         In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands,
OP         drew close together and soothed each other with the
OP         "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
OP         Everytime
OP         Into this photograph of us
OP         smiling cheek to cheek,
OP         I took a bit of loneliness,
OP         and crammed it inside.
OP         Revolution!
OP         Even in my dreams, even through my tears,
OP         even though I'm being hurt,
OP         reality is approaching now, frantically.
OP         What I want now is to find out
OP         just where I belong,
OP         and my self-worth, up through today.
OP         Heroically, I'll throw away
OP         my clothes 'til I'm nude,
OP         like the roses dancing all around me, whirling
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         I swear to you, I will change the world.

juri See, I have no choice but to give up. juri After all, there are no such things in this world as miracles. juri Next! juri Next! juri Next! miki It was amazing of you to beat that many people in a row. miki No one's a match for you anymore, Juri-san. juri So what would I possibly gain? juri Would I break the world's shell? Title Juri's Unfulfillment otoko Arisugawa-kun, otoko I appreciate you Student Council members moderating last week's area study meeting. otoko All the other teachers were impressed, saying it was better than recent years. otoko All of your Student Council activities will remain as our academy's tradition. juri Thank you, sir. otoko Say, why don't we talk about the Student Council's future activities over lunch? juri Yes, sir. otoko Wait here for a moment. onnna You really don't follow the Academy Regulations. onnna Where is it written in the regulations that you could bring pets to school?! utena I didn't bring him, he just brought my lunch box for me. utena Is that against the regulations? onnna Having a monkey bring what you've forgot... onnna is too stupid a problem to be in the regulations! onnna Do you understand, Tenjou Utena-san!? utena When you put it that way... onnna What's this rebellious attitude? onnna Now I won't forgive y... onnna Hey! Hold it! utena Oh, well... juri Hi there. onnna I said, hold it! juri Are you Tenjou Utena? utena You're a member of the Student Council, aren't you? onnna Hold it! juri I'd like to talk to you a little bit. onnna Utena-san, you help too! onnna Hold it! utena Sorry, I can't spare the time just now... onnna All right, a dead end. Utena-san, shut the door. utena Y- Yes, ma'am. otoko Sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we go? juri Vice-Principal... juri That lady teacher you've been looking for juri just went in that consulting room over there. otoko Lady teacher? juri Oh, come on. You've just told me... juri ...that you have to talk with her about student guidance over lunch. otoko Arisugawa-kun, what are you talking about? otoko You and I are going for lunch... juri I do not repeat myself. That is all. onnna Really? I'm so honored, asked by Vice-Principal. otoko Understood, so hurry up! onnna Oh, just a minute. I've got to fix my make-up. otoko I couldn't care less! Just hurry up! onnna Tenjou-san, I'll be right back, so stay here! juri Well, it looks like you have a little time now. utena Whew, what a relief. That's what I'd call a miracle. utena I've often heard rumors about you, even in junior high. utena You're the captain of the Fencing Club, utena and a brilliant Student Council member that even the teachers defer to... utena But the truth is that you're extremely wicked, utena and anyone who knows your true colors keeps at least ten meters away. juri As if I'm a wild animal... utena I don't know if this is true or not, utena but even teachers are kicked out of the academy, once they get on your blacklist. juri Heh... juri Looks like one shouldn't underestimate the intelligence networks of the underclassmen. Utena So, the rumors about you are true? juri Who knows? juri I've often heard rumors that you are quite skillful with the sword. utena Oh no, not really. I don't really like swordfighting, myself. utena Speaking of which, since you're a Student Council member, utena then you're after the Rose Bride, too, aren't you? juri Do you know the reason why they're after the Rose Bride? juri It seems that whoever is engaged to the Rose Bride... juri ...will obtain the power of miracles, the power to revolutionize the world. utena That's pretty cool. utena Then, since I'm engaged to her right now, the miracle power belongs to me. utena That'll be convenient for finals. utena I could ace all my tests without even studying! utena Are you all really serious about... utena ...doing stupid things like fighting Duels over Himemiya? juri You're right. Fighting over the Rose Bride is stupid. shiori Believe in a miracle, that your wish come true. juri No, there can be no miracles. utena We seem to be on the same wavelength. anaunnsu Tenjou Utena-san, report immediately to the student consulting room. Repeat... utena Good grief... that teacher won't give up. utena Anyway, I'm glad there's someone in the Student Council who understands me . annshi- Uhm... Would you mind if I gave you this? juri Don't be conceited. touga If the egg's shell does not break, the chick will die without being born. touga We are the chick; the egg is the world. touga If the world's shell does not break, we will die without being born. touga Break the world's shell! touga&juri For the sake of revolutionizing the world! chart The man fighting for love chart Saionji Kyouichi chart Tenjou Utena chart Who's she? chart BATTLE chart Tenjou Utena chart She's pretty good miki A new letter from the Ends of the World has arrived. chart A guy who doesn't know when to quit chart Saionji Kyouichi chart Tenjou Utena chart She's pretty good chart BATTLE chart Tenjou Utena chart 2 win streak chart on the road to loserdom miki The next Duel must be held by the end of the week. chart Now it's my turn chart Kaoru Miki chart Tenjou Utena chart 2 win streak chart BATTLE chart Tenjou Utena chart No way! 3 win streak touga Going in turn, Juri or I should be next. miki What? Including Juri-san? touga Of course. She also has a seat here to fight Duels. miki Well, sure she's eligible, and skilled, too. miki But she doesn't have a motive for fighting, does she? touga Sure she does. touga She wants to disprove the power of the Rose Bride, the power of miracles. miki What? Is that true? juri Who knows? But at the least I've got to study for finals on my own. miki Huh? What's that mean? touga But are you sure you want to disprove the miracle power? touga If the power to revolutionize the world touga is the one that will fulfill your unrequited feeling... touga if you don't have to give up on your romance yet... touga then do you still want to disprove the power of the Rose Bride? miki Are you in love with someone, Juri-san? miki An unrequited feeling is hard to bear. juri Yes, I was in love. shounenn You've got me. shounenn I give up. I'm beaten completely. shounenn You'd be a good match for even high school guys, Juri. juri Thank you. shiori Believe in a miracle, that your wish come true. juri But I knew... that this romance would never be fulfilled. juri "Believe in a miracle, that your wish come true." juri That was her favorite phrase. shiori He doesn't say it, but he seems to be thinking of you the most, Juri-san. shiori But I couldn't help but steal him from you. shiori Even though I'm no match for you at anything, shiori at least my feeling for him is... shiori Did you know? shiori Juri-san is in love with someone. shiori But... shiori isn't you. shiori So, I don't regret stealing him from you... shiori ...because that's what I hoped for from my heart. shiori Believe in a miracle, that your wish come true. shiori You must hate me for being like this. juri Thank you for your letter. I'm more than happy to know you're doing fine. juri As I read each word of your letter, juri I can't help but realize how the days have passed. juri Back then, the three of us did everything together. juri It was really fun. juri But now, when I look at the two of you, beaming with happiness, juri I feel nostalgic and envious...
utena There, there... utena What a pain, crying at this hour... utena Oh, there, there... utena Chuchu, please, go to sleep already. I'm really sleepy myself. utena Huh? Arisugawa-sempai? utena I thought so. juri Oh, it's you. utena Since you're not wearing your usual uniform, I almost didn't recognize you. juri Really? utena You really look like a supermodel. utena You look gallant in your uniform, utena but everyone would be surprised if they saw you this ladylike. utena So, why are you here by yourself this late? juri You even wear that at night, huh? utena Yeah... juri Why are you always dressed like a boy? utena Well, how should I put it... utena To tell the truth, I'm influenced by my prince. juri Prince? utena When I was a little kid, I met a prince. utena And he said "I want that you should never lose your strength and nobility." utena And then, as a reminder of our encounter, he gave me this. utena "It will lead you to where I'll be," he said. utena He looked so cool to me. utena I want to see him again. utena I mean, I want to become as close to him as I can. utena And so, I wear this. utena Oh, sorry for telling you strange stories like this... utena However, I don't believe the Student Council utena about the Rose Bride or the power of miracles, but... utena How should I put it... I can believe in the fate between him and me. utena If you call it a miracle, maybe it is one, but... utena Sempai...? juri Your Rose Signet, throw this ring away! juri It's disgusting! Your so-called nobility is to copycat as someone you love told you! juri Yes, fighting over the Rose Bride juri is just as stupid as your sentiment to your prince! juri However, to be qualified for that, you must be truly noble! juri The Rose Signet doesn't suit a girl the likes of you! utena No! utena This is my one and only tie with him. I won't lose it, no matter what! juri Then show me what you call a "miracle!" My sword will show its true nature! annshi- Tara-tara-tara-ta, rabbits' dance. annshi- Tara-tara-tara-ta, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits of rabbits, annshi- tata-tara-tara-tara-tara... Bko Good thing I've caught a cold. I was thinkin' an outing's a drag. Bko Why should someone my age have to go to a zoo? Bko Besides, the animals don't seem willing. Bko To begin with, that zoo doesn't have great animals, ya know... Bko Doves, Bko wolves, Bko deer, Bko ostriches, Bko giraffes... Bko They've got to be kiddin'! Bko Can't they show any stuff like pandas? Ako So, you wanted to go that badly. ZUM The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse ZUM The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse ZUM Birth records ZUM Baptismal records ZUM Death records ZUM The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse ZUM The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse ZUM My own birth, ZUM Absolute birth, ZUM Apocalypse ZUM A wet-nurse and a midwife in a dark desert ZUM A gold-gilded Shangri-La ZUM Day and night reversing ZUM A time-gilded Lost Paradise ZUM Darkness over Sodom ZUM Darkness ever glowing ZUM Darkness over yonder ZUM Darkness never ending ZUM The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse ZUM The Absolute Destiny: Apocalyptic Darkness; Apocalypse ZUM mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo ZUM mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo juri It's just as I said yesterday. juri If you beat me with the power of miracles, you're entitled to your conceit. utena I won't be beaten by you, power of miracles or not. annshi- O roses of the noble castle, annshi- O Power of Dios that slumbers within me, annshi- Harken unto thy master and reveal to us... utena ...the power to revolutionize the world! DS Nature's light DS Mosaic light DS Child of daybreak; the angel Lucifer DS Apocalyptic light DS Michael's light DS Child of darkness; androgynous DS Fire's light DS Heavenly light juri Are you all right, prince? We've just started. DS Hierarchia of the heavens DS Illusory light DS Eternal light DS Phantasmic deception; capricious birth DS Nyx DS Erebus DS Uranus juri Why don't you try to step aside at least? DS Thanatos DS Shining bodies, all of them spherical, gynous DS just as if born with every miracle, gynous. DS The pleasure principle, the Nirvana principle DS Death's inevitability, dubbed "the light" juri Pathetic. You're already exhausted. But I'll have no mercy. DS Without having to have lived, DS Phenomenon of mobile life juri Isn't a miracle going to happen yet, prince? DS In the cerebral universe DS Shape of floating life juri That's quick! shiori But I don't regret stealing him from you. DS Glory, ephemery, hope for eternity! shiori You must hate me for being like this. DS Incomplete returning to the primitive beginnings. juri "Believe in a miracle" was your favorite phrase... But all the same, DS Male/female, positive/negative are the two of me. DS Up/down, left/right are the two of me. juri THERE ARE NO MIRACLES! DS Front/back, Heaven/Earth are the two of me. DS Angel and devil are the two of me. DS The center is hollow hollow hollow hollow... juri This is it. juri No! This is just a coincidence... juri It has nothing to do with miracles. utena Impossible... annshi- May your wish come true someday. juri Mind your own business. touga So, do you admit the existence of miracles? juri Who knows? juri But if she really does have the power to revolutionize the world, juri I'll wrest it from her with my own hands. touga So your secret wish will be granted? shiori You must hate me for being like this... juri Yes, I do. Because you're not even aware of my wish.
ED Missing truth and forever ED Kissing love and true your heart ED Embrace me with your true arms ED The key to open up tomorrow is reality ED I want to keep on destroying lies. ED Even if we keep on talking, ED you still won't ever see. ED Excuses really suit adults ED who hang on to old stories. ED Because unchosen angels ED have no need for wings. ED Missing truth and forever, ED Kissing love and true your heart, ED I will like tomorrow's new me. ED At least I believe so; I want to believe it, ED so I want to keep lies hating me.
Title Preview of Next Episode utena I'm Himemiya Anthy. annshi- I'm Tenjou Utena. utena&anns What? utena Oh, no! Our personalities... annshi- ...have been switched! utena It all began with that spicy curry-rice explosion. annshi- Oh my, I see so well without glasses. utena Next time on Shoujo Kakumei Utena: The Great Curry High Trip annshi- The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse.


Title      Juri's Unfulfillment
The original Japanese title "Mihatenu Juri" sounds very strange. The word "mihatenu" cannot be used this way, or at least we have never heard. The original meaning of "mihatenu" is "not seeing to the end", but it is only used in the following stock expressions:
  1. "mihatenu yume" [unfinished dream] - means a dream the end of which you missed to see because you woke up before that.
  2. "mihatenu yume" [unfulfilled dream] - means an impossible dream to fulfill but you still wish, or, a dream you've long been trying to fulfill, but you still haven't.
It seems that the audience are expected to think what the intended meaning of the title is.

The chart on the white board at the student council meeting:

+----------+ |TENJOU | NO WAY! |UTENA | 3 WIN STREAK +----------+ | +----- BATTLE ------+ | | +------+ +----------+ |KAORU | NOW IT'S |TENJOU | |MIKI | MY TURN |UTENA | 2 WIN STREAK +------+ +----------+ | +-------o-------- BATTLE --------o | | | | +----------+ +----------+ | |SAIONJI | A GUY WHO |TENJOU | SHE'S | |KYOUICHI | DOESN'T KNOW |UTENA | PRETTY GOOD | +----------+ WHEN TO QUIT +----------+ | \ | ON THE ROAD RETURN \ o---- BATTLE ----o TO LOSERDOM MATCH \ | | +----------+ +----------+ THE MAN |SAIONJI | |TENJOU | WHO'S FIGHTING |KYOUICHI | |UTENA | SHE? FOR LOVE +----------+ +----------+ / \ |
DS         Nyx
DS         Erebus
DS         Uranus
DS         Thanatos
The original Japanese "nikokusu" (for "Nyx") is a typo. It has to be: "nyukusu." The katakana for "ko" and small "yu" look pretty much alike.

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