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Project & Original Story: Be-PaPas
Original Concept & Series Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Original Concept & Original Art: Chiho Saito
Original Episode Script: Ryoei Tsukimura
Original Episode Director: Hiroaki Sakurai
English Translation: Yasuyuki Sato
English Script Editing: Al the Editing Guy, Haamel, Robert Paige, & Utena Translation Project
English Script Checking: Yasuyuki Sato
Translator's Note: Yasuyuki Sato

SCRIPT (episode 21; version 1.0; 11/23/1998)

OP         Heroically, with bravery
OP         I'll go on with my life,
OP         just a long, long time.
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         let go of me,
OP         Take my revolution.
Title      Utena ~ La Fillette Revolutionnaire
OP         In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands,
OP         drew close together and soothed each other with the
OP         "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
OP         Everytime
OP         Into this photograph of us
OP         smiling cheek to cheek,
OP         I took a bit of loneliness,
OP         and crammed it inside.
OP         Revolution!
OP         Even in my dreams, even through my tears,
OP         even though I'm being hurt,
OP         reality is approaching now, frantically.
OP         What I want now is to find out
OP         just where I belong,
OP         and my self-worth, up through today.
OP         Heroically, I'll throw away
OP         my clothes 'til I'm nude,
OP         like the roses dancing all around me, whirling
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         I swear to you, I will change the world.

Aiko You look pretty as always, Nanami-sama. Yuuko There's no match for you in this academy, Nanami-sama. Keiko We're really happy being allowed to be with you, Nanami-sama. title Troublesome Insects banners Ohtori Academy Junior High - Entrance Ceremony - Yuuko Hey... Yuuko You're in the same class as us, right? Aiko If you like, why don't you join our group? Keiko Let's be friends. Touga It was a wonderful entrance ceremony, Nanami. Nanami Onii-sama! Yuuko Isn't that Kiryuu Touga-sama? Aiko It is, it's Touga-sama, the Student Council President! Keiko Then this girl is... Yuuko Touga-sama's little sister?! Trio It's so dreamy! Trio Ah, what a wonderful encounter! Aiko It's like, meeting Nanami-sama changed my life. Keiko We were lucky we were the first ones to talk to Nanami-sama. Yuuko We've got to be grateful. Nanami-sama chose us from among so many students. Aiko Yeah, we were selected to serve Nanami-sama. Keiko That's right, Aiko! Aiko Keiko, Yuuko! Aiko From now on, let's work together and give it our best shot! Keiko Right! Yuuko We're all the chosen ones. Trio Let's do it! Nanami I know! A party! Nanami Why didn't I come up with it sooner? Nanami I'll throw a magnificent party to encourage my brother! Nanami And it's got to be really magnificent! Nanami As things are, I won't be particular. Nanami I'll generously invite all the prominent people in the entire academy! boy Oh, Kiryuu-san, you're on day duty, right? Nanami That will definitely cheer up my brother! boy Wipe the blackboard, would you? Keiko That's a great idea, Nanami-sama! Yuuko Touga-sama has really been looking gloomy lately. Aiko I'm really touched by your consideration for your brother, Nanami-sama! boy K- Kiryuu-san, the blackboard... Nanami Would you all help me with it? Trio Yes, gladly! Juri A party? Keiko Do please attend. Juri When the Student Council is in such crisis? Honestly... Keiko Please! Keiko Please! Keiko Please! Keiko Nanami-sama really worries about Touga-sama. Keiko PLEASE!!! Keiko Please! Keiko I'll get to see Touga-sama for the first time in a long while. Keiko But I know he won't be looking at a girl like me. Keiko Touga-sama, still I... Keiko Aiko! Yuuko! Keiko For Touga-sama and Nanami-sama, let's work together and get everything ready! Yuuko Yeah, but you seem awfully spirited today, Keiko. Keiko Oh, do I? Yuuko That's a new dress, right? It looks good on you. Keiko Really? Yuuko Really! Really! It looks good on her, right, Aiko? Aiko Yep, it looks so lovely. Keiko Thank you, Yuuko, Aiko! Nanami Well? Nanami Have the preparations been made? KIU Yes, ma'am! Keiko We barely made it. Nanami Oh, Keiko-san. I have a little favor to ask of you. Keiko What is it? Nanami I completely forgot I had some paperwork to finish up for the Student Council tonight. Nanami I'm sorry, Keiko-san, but would you get it done for me? Keiko But the party... Nanami But everything's ready, isn't it? Keiko Yea... Yes. Nanami Then, there isn't a problem, is there? Nanami The paperwork is at the school. So, please go right now. Keiko Um, Nanami-sama? Nanami Is anything wrong? Keiko No. Nanami Then, please. Keiko Yes, ma'am. Keiko I... have always... Keiko I have always been watching Touga-sama. Keiko Always... Keiko The only one who can approach the prince is the princess from the wonder world. Keiko Touga-sama... He lives in a different world from mine. Keiko Right. A girl like me... Utena Touga looked better than we thought, didn't he? Miki But he still doesn't show himself in the academy. Utena The way the president is, the Student Council must be in trouble. Nanami Oh, are you so worried about my brother... Nanami ...that you sneak around and spy on him? Nanami How disgusting. Utena Don't be ridiculous! Who did anything like that?! Keiko My, my. Are you playing dumb? Yuuko You were talking about him just now. What nerve! Utena I went to the party because I was invited! Nanami My, I just thought, "Even a dead tree may add to the beauty of a mountain," and you got conceited. Nanami What impudent people there are in this world! Utena Now look... Keiko Why don't you try to think about your own standing? Aiko&Yuuko I'll say! Nanami I can't stand it to even think about a girl like you hanging around my brother. Nanami Right, I won't allow even a single insect to swarm on my brother. Nanami Shall we go, everyone? Miki I'm sorry, Tenjou-sempai. Utena Don't apologize, Micky. It happens all the time. Anthy I'm sorry, um... Was I sleeping? Was I? Utena Chuchu was crying all last night, wasn't he? Utena You see, the open cluster Pleiades... Utena known as Subaru in Japan, and is even mentioned in Sei Shounagon's "Pillow Book." Anthy That's pretty detailed, Utena-sama. Utena Well, that's just what Akio-san told me. I've been studying from him closely of late. Anthy I see. Akio Wonderful, aren't they? The winter constellations... Anthy Onii-sama... Akio Friendship is beautiful. Akio Castor and Pollux of the Gemini are known to be very friendly with each other, but... Akio The way you're watching the stars together, you look even more beautiful than the Gemini. Utena Oh, that can't be... Utena Well, I'm outta here. Anthy All right, Utena-sama. Akio All right, Anthy, you should continue to be friendly with Utena-san. Akio Just like Castor and Pollux of the Gemini. Anthy Yes, Onii-sama.
Keiko What should I do? Touga-sama is getting soaked. Keiko Lend him my umbrella... Keiko But a girl like me and Touga-sama? Keiko But a chance like this won't come again. Keiko Excuse me, Touga-sama? Keiko If it's okay, won't you join me? Keiko The rain is bad for your health. Keiko Nanami-sama? It's me, Nanami-sama. Keiko Where are you, Nanami-sama? Nanami I'm right here, Keiko-san. Keiko Nanami-sama... Keiko You said you wanted to see me? Nanami Sonoda Keiko-san, you are now dismissed from all clubs, Nanami the dorm's self-government association, culture circles, and all the other organizations you belong to. Keiko Why is that, Nanami-sama? Nanami Why?! Nanami Don't play dumb! Nanami How careless I was! The real troublesome insect was right under my feet! Nanami To think that I didn't notice until today! Keiko Nanami-sama... Nanami I told you, I won't allow even a single insect to swarm on my brother. Nanami I'll thoroughly exterminate all troublesome insects like you. Keiko Oh, no... Nanami Please prepare yourself, Keiko-san. Yuuko Nanami-sama is about to leave. Aiko We should leave, too. Keiko Yuuko! Aiko! Keiko Please, you two intercede with Nanami-sama for me! Keiko You're the only ones who can help me! Keiko Please! Yuuko Did you hear something? Aiko Not a thing. Keiko I admired Nanami-sama from the bottom of my heart. Keiko That's what I believed, and I've been serving her. Keiko But actually, that wasn't true. Keiko I was only with Nanami-sama to get close to Touga-sama, even the littlest bit. Keiko Without that reason, who'd want to be with her? Mikage Deeper... Go deeper. Keiko That selfish... Keiko I'm a single girl! What's wrong with me falling in love with someone? Keiko Why do I have to hold back because of her? Keiko Just because she's Touga-sama's sister, she monopolizes his love. Keiko Even right before my own eyes! Keiko And that girl has no idea... Keiko I felt all this time! Keiko She doesn't even try to understand! Mikage I understand. Mikage I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. Mikage The way before you has been prepared. Keiko Where am I? Keiko Touga-sama... Keiko Look at me. Keiko Touga-sama... Keiko Touga-sama! Keiko From now on, please look only at me! plate Tenjou Utena card To the one Engaged: I shall wait for you at the Duel Arena this evening. C-ko Extra! Extra! Extra! C-ko Any bad insects here? Any bad insects here? C-ko Oh, it's Namahage! (an ogre-like demon) C-ko No, I'm a mantis. Snipsnipsnip! C-ko Everyone, hurry up and run! C-ko Snipsnipsnip! C-ko Run! Run! C-ko Snipsnipsnipsnip! C-ko Run! Runrunrun! C-ko Snipsnipnipsnipsnipsnisnipsnips! C-ko Runrunrunrurunrunrun! C-ko Damn, just running away won't fix this. Take this insecticide! C-ko Can't breathe, snip... C-ko We're gonna die, too! C-ko It's a curse... Utena That's a room deodorant. Utena You're... Keiko I swear by this Black Rose... Keiko ...that I shall win this Duel and bring death to the Rose Bride! Utena You're... Keiko With this sword, Touga-sama's sword, I will defeat you. Utena Touga's sword? Keiko For my and Touga-sama's future, I will fight. Keiko Now, draw your sword! Utena ...the power to revolutionize the world! Utena Why are you... Keiko You should know well what kind of girl Nanami is. Keiko She doesn't even think of a girl like me as a person. Keiko Knowing that, I've been serving her anyway. Utena But I don't understand - why Touga's sword? Keiko You don't need to know! Keiko Can you beat this sword, Tenjou Utena? Keiko This sword, Touga-sama's sword! Keiko The noblest sword in the world! Keiko With this sword, I will attain the great power. Keiko And then, I will kill that girl! Keiko I'll kill that Nanami who stands between Touga-sama and me! Keiko That's right. The real troublesome insect is Nanami! Keiko I see. That girl is a troublesome insect. Utena I don't even know her name. Utena I thought she was Nanami's friend. Utena It's scary how the roots of one's hatred spread underground, unseen. DS21 Vanish! Fade away! Melt away! DS21 Get out of my sight! DS21 Any and all people! DS21 Vanish! Fade away! Melt away! DS21 Get out of my sight! DS21 The instant imposters. DS21 Betrayed by wishes... DS21 Avenged by hope. DS21 Periods like this are tedious. DS21 I will run away. DS21 Everyone, disappear! DS21 Even now there's nothing that I want! DS21 Straddling an unmanned sidecar, DS21 Daydream journey of three thousand leagues, DS21 Subway, freeway, runway DS21 I'm going! At a hundred kilometers per hour... DS21 A hero, a swift wind, a fugitive. Mikage Another failure. Mikage But it is interesting, that she called her master an insect. Keiko I'm happy only being with you, Nanami-sama. Keiko There's no way a girl like me can love Touga-sama, is there? Nanami You're right. Considering your own standing, it's obvious. Nanami Please continue to be with me forever, Keiko-san. Keiko Yes, certainly. Yuuko Keiko, we've been friends all along. Aiko Yes, we are, no matter what happens. Utena I just don't know... Anthy The one with her hair tied and her bangs curled is Keiko-san. Anthy The one with shoulder-length hair curling to the outside is Aiko-san. Anthy The one with her hair curling to the inside around her cheeks is Yuuko-san. Utena That's not what I'm talking about. How can she still be Nanami's friend? Utena Even though she's actually carrying all sorts of feelings... Anthy That's easy. Anthy For someone you love, your feelings for any other people become insignificant. Anthy You can deceive yourself as much as you need.
ED Missing truth and forever ED Kissing love and true your heart ED Embrace me with your true arms ED The key to open up tomorrow is reality ED I want to keep on destroying lies. ED Even if we keep on talking, ED you still won't ever see. ED Excuses really suit adults ED who hang on to old stories. ED Because unchosen angels ED have no need for wings. ED Missing truth and forever, ED Kissing love and true your heart, ED I will like tomorrow's new me. ED At least I believe so; I want to believe it, ED so I want to keep lies hating me.
Title Preview of Next Episode Utena Hey, Himemiya, do you know the rumor about the hall where a hundred youths went missing a long time ago? Anthy Yes. Utena Apparently that rumor is true. Utena I heard that there was a man called Professor Nemuro here at Ohtori Academy, Utena ...and that all his students disappeared in a fire. Anthy But, that was a really long, long time ago. Utena Next time on Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Nemuro Memorial Hall Anthy The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse.


title      Troublesome Insects
The original title "warui mushi", which literally means a "bad insect", is a stock phrase that often implies a "bad lover".
Nanami     My, I just thought, "Even a dead tree may add to the
	   beauty of a mountain," and you got conceited. 
It's a Japanese saying.
Utena      You see, the open cluster Pleiades...
Utena known as Subaru in Japan, and is even
	   mentioned in Sei Shounagon's "Pillow Book." 
"Makura no Soushi", or "Pillow Book", was written in around 1000 A.D.
C-ko       Any bad insects here? Any bad insects here?
It's a takeoff of the well-known phrase said by the demon called Namahage in a traditional festival in Akita Prefecture. The original phrase is "warui ko wa inega?", where "inega" is the Akita dialect for "inaika". So the meaning is "Aren't there any bad children?". A Namahage with a scary "oni"-like face visits each house in the village and asks the question. If there are little children who haven't been behaving (Actually it doesn't matter whether or not they have been good - But children don't know that :) then the Namahage approaches and scares them. The village people hope that that scary experience will keep the children behaving until next year.
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