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"Shoujo Kakumei Utena - la fillette revolutionnaire -" is a copyrighted work.
(C) Be-PaPas, Chiho Saito / Shogakukan, Shokaku Iinkai, TV Tokyo.


Project & Original Story: Be-PaPas
Original Concept & Series Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Original Concept & Original Art: Chiho Saito
Original Episode Script: Noboru Higa
Original Episode Director: Toru Takahashi
English Translation: Robert Paige
English Script Editing: Robert Paige, & Utena Translation Project
English Script Checking: Yasuyuki Sato
Translator's Note: Yasuyuki Sato

SCRIPT (episode 24; version 1.0; 2/12/1999)

OP         Heroically, with bravery
OP         I'll go on with my life,
OP         just a long, long time.
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         let go of me,
OP         Take my revolution.
Title      Utena ~ La Fillette Revolutionnaire
OP         In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands,
OP         drew close together and soothed each other with the
OP         "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
OP         Everytime
OP         Into this photograph of us
OP         smiling cheek to cheek,
OP         I took a bit of loneliness,
OP         and crammed it inside.
OP         Revolution!
OP         Even in my dreams, even through my tears,
OP         even though I'm being hurt,
OP         reality is approaching now, frantically.
OP         What I want now is to find out
OP         just where I belong,
OP         and my self-worth, up through today.
OP         Heroically, I'll throw away
OP         my clothes 'til I'm nude,
OP         like the roses dancing all around me, whirling
OP         But if the two of us should get split up
OP         by whatever means,
OP         I swear to you, I will change the world.

Tsuwabuki All this morning, it's classes as usual. 3rd period Music is about music appreciation. Tsuwabuki The topic is Orff's Karmina Burana. The report you will present is already complete. Tsuwabuki Before you go to the Music room, take a look inside your locker. Tsuwabuki 6th period English, there's a vocabulary test, so here's your cribsheet. Nanami I see. Tsuwabuki I'll inform you of your afterschool plans at lunchtime. After that- Nanami Tsuwabuki... Tsuwabuki Yes, ma'am? Nanami Thank you. Tsuwabuki Certainly! Boy A runaway horse! Boy A horse is on the loose! Tsuwabuki Watch out! Tsuwabuki My name is Tsuwabuki Mitsuru. Tsuwabuki I am a student who has dedicated all of myself to Nanami-san. Tsuwabuki And so, I have a secret that absolutely no one must know! text Nanami-sama Secret Diary Utena Tsuwabuki-kun's been hurt? Nanami Yes, while protecting me. Himemiya Did he die? Nanami Of course not! Nanami The wound itself looks like little more than a bruise and a broken nail, Nanami ...but he's still unconscious. Nanami Right now, I'm having them arrange a hospital for him. Himemiya Hmm? What's this? Utena A schedule book? Nanami Oh, that's Tsuwabuki's. Utena So he's got names and addresses and stuff written in here? Himemiya It has diary-type things written in it. Nanami What? Read it! Himemiya "My name is Tsuwabuki Mitsuru." Himemiya "I am a student who has dedicated all of myself to Nanami-san." Tsuwabuki I have always had my eye on Nanami-san. Tsuwabuki ...and only Nanami-san. Keiko It's your fault! Keiko You snared our Saionji-san and turned him into a loser! Yuuko He's been away from the Kendo Club, too! Aiko What a dreadful girl! Keiko Give us back our Saionji-san! Aiko Say something! Nanami Whatever is going on here? Keiko Nanami-sama... Nanami Pray tell, what is all this commotion? Nanami Given the circumstances, I'll have to report this to the Student Council. Keiko Well, uh... Aiko It's not what it seems. KYA Excuse us! Nanami Are you alright? Himemiya Yes, thank you. Himemiya You're... Nanami-san, they said it was? Nanami Since you're so popular among the boys, Nanami tend to make them jealous. Tsuwabuki Nanami-san is incredible. Tsuwabuki With purity, nobility and great beauty, Tsuwabuki ...protecting the weak, detesting all evil, entirely for justice in the Academy. Tsuwabuki But, I know... Tsuwabuki I know Nanami-san's naked face. Utena Nanami's naked face? Nanami What's with those looks? Utena Looks like he knows you through and through, from shiny surface to filthy underbelly. Nanami What do you mean by filthy underbelly? Keiko Nanami-sama, she's come wearing the dress we sent her. Aiko It really suits her. Boy Oh, I apologize, Miss! Himemiya It's all right. Tsuwabuki Never dirtying her own hands, Tsuwabuki ...her stoic manner in which she merely watches the suffering from a safe distance, Tsuwabuki ...certainly is the proper form for she who rules the Academy from the shadows. Utena Yeah, something like that happened. Himemiya So that was Nanami-san's doing, wasn't it? Nanami Th- that's all Tsuwabuki's delusions! Nanami It's unimaginable that I would do something so wild. Nanami Tsuwabuki sure is a weird kid, huh? Tsuwabuki Nanami-san's malice didn't end at that level. Tsuwabuki As in this case... Keiko Nanami-sama... Keiko 8th Grade, Class A, has started cooking practice, as scheduled. Nanami So it appears. Nanami And what we were discussing earlier? Keiko Yes, ma'am, I just made the substitution. Keiko 100X curry, an Indian specialty hot enough to make you breathe fire. Nanami Excellent. Nanami Watch out, Tenjou Utena and Himemiya Anthy. Nanami I'll soon have you begging for mercy. SYT Curry... SYT curry... SYT curry... SYT CURRY!! Himemiya It's ready! Keiko Nanami-sama! Nanami Be quiet, it's getting good now. Keiko I'm sorry, but, um.. Nanami But what? Aiko The substitution wasn't for 100X curry... Keiko It appears to be for super spicy 900 Billion X curry, Keiko hot it'll blast you to smithereens and make phantom elephants trumpet loudly. Nanami Phantom... smithereens? Nanami No way... Tsuwabuki Tenjou-san and Himemiya-san... Tsuwabuki That's right, their personalities were exchanged by Nanami-san's curry. Himemiya Utena-sama, that's wonderful! Utena Well, it feels weird being praised by my own body. Himemiya You see, I'm not very good at sports, Himemiya seeing my own body acting so wonderfully makes me happy. Utena But, we gotta think of a way to return to normal. Himemiya Don't worry! Himemiya I'm sure even now Nanami-sama is... Tsuwabuki Right. Nanami-san put forth her best efforts, Tsuwabuki atone for her sin without losing her cheerful smile. Keiko Nanami-sama! Nanami An elephant?! Keiko Nanami-sama! Nanami Not again! Aiko Nanami-sama! Tsuwabuki Here's a souvenir. Tsuwabuki Then, Nanami-san came back, stronger than ever. Touga Nanami! Nanami Onii-sama!! Touga Nanami! The replacement? Nanami That was the last one. Nanami They said it will take another 200 years to refine it to 900 Billion X spice. All 200 years? Tsuwabuki Surely, I thought it looked like karmic retribution. Himemiya Now that you mention it, that was the case. Utena Nanami is just thoroughly evil, isn't she? Nanami What are you talking about?! Nanami It wasn't the curry I substituted that switched your personalities, Nanami was purely because of your cooking skills, am I not right? Himemiya Was it? Nanami You... Utena So what other evil deeds are written after that, I wonder? Nanami Wait a second, aside from that, Nanami there anything about Tsuwabuki in there? Himemiya There's nothing written but stuff about Nanami-san. Tsuwabuki Nanami-san seems to have been treating Himemiya-san badly for any reason at all. Tsuwabuki As in this case... Miki Huh, they say this dorm is haunted, but it's actually quite nice inside. Nanami You have such a nice room. Utena Yeah, Himemiya cleans up religiously everyday. Miki Himemiya-san must really like to keep things neat, then. Nanami Wow, I'm really impressed. Nanami Ok, just watch. Nanami Think Himemiya Anthy's a cute girl while you can... Miki I envy you, Tenjou-sempai, living with such a feminine girl. Utena Is that sarcasm? Nanami Himemiya-sempai, may I borrow your eraser? Nanami It's a snail! Nanami It's a snake! Nanami There's an octopus in here! Nanami Himemiya's true character has been exposed! Nanami That's what's going to happen! Tsuwabuki However, Nanami-san also had a tough time. Tsuwabuki Sometimes, the wounding party gets hurt instead of the intended target. Nanami Himemiya-sempai, may I borrow your eraser? Nanami Himemiya Anthy, prepare yourself! Utena I wouldn't open that if I were you. Nanami This can't be true, it must be a dream. Nanami This huge octupus and its octupus tentacles... Utena You really are evil, aren't you? Nanami Evil? Moi? Nanami You have got to be kidding me! Nanami That time, it was me that was the victim, wasn't it? Himemiya "And so, Nanami-san has been hostile toward Himemiya-san, but..." Nanami St- st- st- st- st- stop that, I wasn't hostile or anything. Utena You don't have to play dumb anymore. Himemiya "...there's a reason for that. A profound reason, which must not be uttered to another soul..." Utena Reason? Utena Oh.
Nanami Hey, stop already! And give that back! Utena Thought this wasn't yours? Himemiya You're going to tear that apart, you know! Nanami You inhuman, demon, villain! Utena That's you! Nanami What is it? Utena Can you hear it? Nanami What? Himemiya That slight tooth-grinding. Himemiya Like a rope bridge swaying in the wind. Nanami No, it's the sound of a seaside swingset squeaking. Himemiya He who once ruled the Student Council, Touga-sempai. Nanami Guess who! Touga Stop it, Nanami. Nanami It's such a lovely evening, isn't it? Onii-sama... Touga You're such a baby, little sister. Tsuwabuki For Nanami-san, Touga-sempai is her entire world. Nanami You two!! Utena "Only Touga-sempai could be the one and only man to live up to Nanami-san's ideals." Tsuwabuki Even though I'm still inexperienced, someday I want to be a big brother like Touga-sempai. Utena C'mon, let's stop. Himemiya Oh? Utena It's not right. All his thoughts are packed in this book. Utena And here we are, peeking at it... Nanami You've read almost everything, so who cares about the weight of Tsuwabuki-kun's feelings? Nanami How about the weight of my feelings? Utena About 49 kilos? Nanami I've gained?! Himemiya Oh, I wonder what's on this page. Himemiya Operation the First... Nanami Did you say "operation?" Nanami Where am I? Nanami Who am I? Nanami It's no use. I can't remember anything. Touga Nanami... Nanami Who's there? Touga Have you forgotten? Tsuwabuki It's me, your older brother. Nanami Onii-sama?! Tsuwabuki Come here, Nanami! Nanami ONII-SAMA!! Nanami Wait, what is this? Utena Beats me. Himemiya Operation the Second... Tsuwabuki Arrrrggh, wait a minute! Nanami Tsuwabuki... Tsuwabuki Please, don't read any further! Nanami Now what are you talking about? Nanami All your plots will be thoroughly exposed! Tsuwabuki What do you mean, plots? Tsuwabuki All I wanted was to become the kind of man that suits you, Nanami-san. Nanami Why you little...! Utena Nanami, calm down! If you get too excited, you'll turn into a cow again! Himemiya Operation the Second... When Nanami-san becomes a cow again, Himemiya And this time, I think I can cope with that this way. Utena Nanami! Utena Get rid of that cowbell! Utena Get rid of it! Nanami Shut up already, moo. Utena Do you even know what the bell on your neck is supposed to be? Nanami Really, moo! It's a Sebastian Dior cowbell, right? Really, moo! Utena A cowbell is just a bell they hang on a cow's neck. Nanami What are you talking about? Moo. Utena Look around you! Nanami So, so, Sebastian Dior, the purveyor to the Court is... Utena It's not Sebastian Dior, but Koushi-chan Dior! (koushi = calf) Nanami Ko- Koushi-chan? Utena You didn't even know what a cowbell is all about, Utena ...and you were all proud of that humongous bell, wearing it on your neck. Utena What you're doing now is exactly what a cow does! Nanami Cow? Utena We can't do anything about that now. Utena What you can do now is throw that bell away before you completely turn into a cow. Nanami Wh- What are you talking about? Moo. Nanami How could I possibly become a cow? Moo. Nanami Really now, don't surprise me. Moo. Quit kidding around, already. Moo. Himemiya Utena-sama, it's finally finished! Utena What's this? Himemiya It's a sweater. Utena Thanks, but it's a bit out of season, isn't it? Nanami Moo. If it had gone a little more, moo, I would have attracted intense attention. Nanami Somehow, my mind is getting, moo, fuzzy... Nanami Could it be a delusion, moo? My appendix, moo? Nanami Or I might have been bitten by a, moo, virulent poisonous snake... Nanami Somebody, moo, get me a blanket! Utena Nanami... Utena Nanami, you look... Himemiya I'm scared! Tsuwabuki Nanami-san! Himemiya She's coming right for us! Utena Oh, I get it! She got all excited when she saw this red sweater! Himemiya Oh, my! Utena Himemiya, get away! Himemiya All right! Tsuwabuki It's all right now. Tsuwabuki It's all right now, Nanami-san. Tsuwabuki I'll take care of you, even if you do become a cow. Tsuwabuki I'll stay with you, Nanami-san. Tsuwabuki Stop it, stop it, please! Nanami Don't be such a poor sport, Tsuwabuki! Tsuwabuki Don't look! Nanami Where am I? Tsuwabuki Ah, you're conscious... How do you feel? Nanami What do you have written there? Tsuwabuki You fell behind schedule, didn't you? Tsuwabuki I've been rescheduling. Nanami Really, how goes it? I want to see. Tsuwabuki I'll tell you about it later. Tsuwabuki No need to worry. Nanami I've got it now! Tsuwabuki Oh, crap! Nanami So it seems there are nasty things written in here, eh? Nanami Seize him! Tsuwabuki St- St- St- St- St- Stop!! Let me go! Let me goooo! Nanami What's this, Operation the Twenty-fourth? Tsuwabuki I'm done for! If they read that page, I'm done for! C-ko Extra! Extra! C-ko I'm done for! I'm really done for! C-ko Why is that? C-ko My secret which can't stay hidden any longer is, C-ko ...that the king has the ears of a donkey! C-ko Did you say "donkey?" C-ko Sorry, not a donkey. C-ko The truth is, I am... C-ko ...a monkey hiding behind a girl's face! C-ko Ah, the shame of it all. Now she'll never get married. C-ko Monkey is captured. Monkey is captured.
ED Missing truth and forever ED Kissing love and true your heart ED Embrace me with your true arms ED The key to open up tomorrow is reality ED I want to keep on destroying lies. ED Even if we keep on talking, ED you still won't ever see. ED Excuses really suit adults ED who hang on to old stories. ED Because unchosen angels ED have no need for wings. ED Missing truth and forever, ED Kissing love and true your heart, ED I will like tomorrow's new me. ED At least I believe so; I want to believe it, ED so I want to keep lies hating me.
text Preview of Next Episode Himemiya Starting today, we're going to be living together in my brother's house. Himemiya This is mine and Utena-sama's new room. Utena Akio-san is the kind of person who really makes you feel at home, isn't he? Utena Say, Himemiya... If something ever troubles you, come talk to me about it first. Utena No matter what, let's help each other. Utena That's the kind of friends I want us to be. Himemiya Utena-sama, actually, I... Utena Next time on Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Our Eternal Apocalypse Himemiya The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse.


Tsuwabuki  The topic is Orff's Karmina Burana. The report you
	   will present is already complete. 
Carl Orff (1895-1982): German musician.
Utena      It's not right. All his thoughts are packed in this
Utena      And here we are, peeking at it...
Nanami     You've read almost everything, so who cares about the
	   weight of Tsuwabuki-kun's feelings? 
Nanami     How about the weight of my feelings?
Utena      About 49 kilos?
Nanami     I've gained?!
The Japanese has a visual pun here. "Tsuwabuki-kun no omoi" simply means "Tsuwabuki-kun's thoughts," but "omoi" (with the same sound but different pitches) also means "heavy." To keep the visual pun, we had to make a kind of kluge in the English translation.
Nanami     St- st- st- st- st- stop that, I wasn't hostile or
Tsuwabuki  St- St- St- St- St- Stop!! Let me go! Let me goooo!
The letters you see in the visual are hiragana "ya", which is the first letter of the word "yamero" meaning "stop".
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