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(An Utena Music Page)

Welcome! I'm glad your travels have brought you to this humble page of Utena music. This site was constructed so that fans could find someplace to get a taste of the excellent music of this series, hopefully prompting them to go out and find the soundtracks, all of which are absolutely wonderful to own!
"Shoujo Kakumei Utena" is an anime series, created by Kunihiko Ikuhara and Be-Papas. It centers around a young girl named Ten'jou Utena, who attends school at the Ohtori Gakuen. Through a strange quirk of fate, she becomes "engaged" to a girl named Himemiya Anshi, and the subsequent chain of sometimes surreal, sometimes touching, but always moving moments and scenes leads Utena into a whirlwind of imagery and drama which ends in a surprising climax. For more information on the series itself, I recommend the Utena Encyclopedia
As you might expect, the score for this anime is incredibly well done, reflecting the Victorian setting and surreal, dreamy quality of the show perfectly. The soundtracks are balanced between background themes and "duel songs", the themes invented by J.A. Seazer for the many sword duels which occur in the series. Currently, there are 5 Original Soundtracks (OSTs), with a 6th planned alongside the release of the Utena feature film, "Adolesence Mokushiroku." For more info on the movie (and for a damn good overall Utena site), visit The Ends of the Innocence
The purpose of this page is to provide a musical resource to the Utena fan community. We realize that mp3's, while useful, do detract from the viability of the music's original authors. As such, we encourage you to listen here and enjoy, and if you like what you hear, BUY THE SOUNDTRACK! Requests for more mp3s received through email will be summarily ignored; this is as much as I hazard to put up, as I'm skirting the laws as is. If you need a good place to find Utena and other import CDs, I recommend visiting Mike Kiley's Tokyo Pop Shop, which is both reliable and dependable. Finally, please DO NOT LINK TO THE SONGS. If you must link to us, please link to "http://www.duellists.tj/~anshi" instead. =) I'll try and get a banner for you to use soon.
Other than that, thanks for visiting, and happy listening!

Current News/Updates: Webrings, Dreambook, Links!
Last Update: August 15th, 1999

  • Hooray! Thanks to Miki@duellists, we now have selections from the new Original Soundtrack 8 preorder copy he has! Hopefully once I can get myself a copy we'll have more up there for you to see.

  • Woohoo! Finally! I was lucky enough to attend GenCon this past weekend and lo and behold, OST 6 and OST 7 are now mine! Let me say, too, that they're impressive pieces of work. Most of OST 6 woin't be featured since it is replay tracks from other CDs, but the new stuff I'll be sure to feature. OST 7 is full of haunting J.A. Seazer stuff, so choosing which tracks to put up here is going to be tough! Expect to see fully-functional pages for OSTs 6 and 7 around the first week of September.

  • Masami Okui's new image song for Adolesence Mokushiroku, "Toki ni Ai Wa", is apparently a big hit with the Utena music fan crowd right now. Thanks to Utena and Miki@duellists I procured a copy for all of you to listen to and judge for yourself! To see it, click here!

  • Yay! Thanks to Utena@duellists, we're proud to announce two new songs from Original Soundtrack 6! If you'd like to give them a listen, click here!
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