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The forgotten Anime?

Growing up in Montreal in the late 1970s, one of my absolute favourite shows on TV was aired on TVA Saturday mornings, in French. It was called Goldorak. From the first time that I accidentally encountered this show while flipping channels, I was hooked. Watching Goldorak became the highlight of my Saturday mornings, and I dare say that watching this show weekly helped to build my skills in French... Over time, I collected as many of the Goldorak action figures, comic books, sticker books, records, etc. etc. etc. as I could... If only I had a VCR back then, I could have preserved episodes of this fantastic series.

Fast forward to today, almost 20 years later. Anime in general is now much more popular than it was back then, and at every science fiction convention I could find, I hunted, hoped, and prayed to find tapes of my beloved Goldorak.


Despite its incredible popularity in Quebec, it appeared that nobody anywhere could even tell me what the correct Japanese name was for the Anime I knew as Goldorak, never mind provide me with tapes of the series.

Finally, I got really lucky. I found one single solitary English tape with the first two episodes of the series, and a tape full of later french episodes. It turns out that in English the series is known as Grandizer, based on the Japanese name Grendizer. And I must tell you, although the french series is excellent, the English version... SUCKS!

But what I still don't understand is why, with all of the Anime resources on the world wide web, why was there not a single English web page that even mentions the existance of this show? I finally, after ages of hunting, found a great french Goldorak web page - but still nothing in English!

And so I created the web page you are reading right now. It started out as just straight translation of the french Goldorak web page. But over time, it started to diverge and become a little more unique with every iteration.

Since I first set up my page, I've discovered many new pieces of information about Goldorak/Grandizer, and I've made contact on the net with many fellow fans of this series. I now have several complete English and French episodes of Goldorak on tape. (Note that these tapes were not official releases and are not for sale anywhere that I know of.) I also now have a copy of the movie "Le Retour De Goldorak" on tape. Combining two shorter Japanese "Grandizer v Mazinger" movies, it features many popular giant robots of the era together in one story, including Mazinger who is known in English as "Tranzor Z"! (And yes, boys, the female robot with the breast missiles is in this movie. Why does everybody ask me that?) The movie is fun, but is clearly outside of "normal" continuity.

I have also learned a bit more about Grandizer around the world. There were, in fact, 2 different English translations that were done. There was the American version noted above, and also a British translation that was apparantly far closer to the original Japanese version. I've yet to see an episode of the British version so if anybody has more info on it please contact me!

Grandizer ran in the US as part of a five-pack of syndicated Japanimation series called "Force Five". Here in the Toronto area, it ran on channel CFMT 47.

And finally, besides being huge in french Canada, France and Italy, Goldorak/Grandizer was also one of the most popular anime series ever shown in Arabic countries! Many Grandizer fans from the middle east have e-mailed me to let me know what a popular show it was in that part of the world!

I hope you enjoy my Goldorak web site. Use the buttons on the left hand side of this page to visit the various sections of my site. If you've ever seen the show - in any language - I'm sure my site will bring back some memories! If you'd like to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at guru@vex.net. Enjoy!

Original title: UFO Robo Grendizer
Other titles: Goldorak (in french), Grandizer (in English), Goldrake (in Italian)
Number of Episodes: 74
Author: Go Nagai Studio: Toei Doga
Produced: 1975 to 1977

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Written: Mar 01, 1996
This is version 8.30 updated: Nov 18,1998
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