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Welcome to the Ken-ohki Shrine.....  This Shrine is dedicated to the other cabbit in Tenchi Muyo, Ken-ohki.  He was introduced in the first Tenchi Muyo TV Series.  Ken-ohki is a cabbit, just like Ryo-ohki.  Half cat, half rabbit, a cabbit is loyal to the person he/she serves.  He is smart, caring, intelligent, loyal, a respectable gentleman, and he has many other virtues.

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About Ken-ohki

Agressive Ken-ohki We first meet Ken-ohki in episode ten of the Tenchi TV Series.  The Tenchi gang firsts meets him in the Masaki house.  After some tension they become great friends.  Here we find out that he also likes carrots, like the first cabbit in the Tenchi world, Ryo-ohki.  He also transforms into a space ship and wears a blue collar around his neck.

Ken-ohki is a perfect gentleman, quoting Mihoshi.  He saves the last carrot for Ryo-ohki.  Here these two cabbits begin a relationship.  These two cabbits love each other and wouldn't want to severely hurt one another.  This is proven around Venus where Ryo-ohki wouldn't attack Ken-ohki. She disobeyed Ryoko's orders to attack because she doesn't want to hurt Ken-ohki.  The cute couple goes on a date later in the series on the beach.  Later on, Ken-ohki convinces Nagi to help Tenchi. Ken-ohki and Ryo-ohki

Nagi Here is the bounty hunter, Nagi.  She is Ken-ohki's owner.  She has a vendetta against Ryoko and uses Ken-ohki to hunt Ryoko down.  Ken-ohki follows her orders until she is ordered to finish Ryoko.  Ken-ohki stands down because he doesn't want to kill Ryo-ohki.  He is still a loyal cabbit and follows what Nagi says.  But, if Ryo-ohki is in danger, he will be there for her.

Here is the guest bad guy in one of the episodes of the second Tenchi TV Series.  Is this cabbit very familiar? Well, this may be Ken-ohki.  He has simmular physical characteristics as Ken-ohki, and in the episode he is very friendly with Ryo-ohki.  Also it is important to note that the drawing style for the whole series is totally different. Although, I can't understand that much Japanese, I never heard the name Ken-ohki mentioned in the episode.  So it may or may not be him. Bad Guy

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