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Welcome to my little shrine dedicated to Devil Hunter Yohko! Here you will find information about one of my favorite anime characters. This page will be always updated, so stick around and enjoy my little shrine, that I made with effort so you can have fun here. You are always welcome!

Bienvenidos a mi pequeño "altar" dedicado a la cazadora de demonios Yohko! Aqui encontraras informacion sobre una de mis personajes favoritos de anime. Esta pagina siempre es actualizada, asi que mira alrededor y disfruta de mi pequeño "altar", que hice con esfuerzo para que te diviertas aqui. Siempre seran bienvenidos!


Azusa´s Introduction / Introduccion de Azusa




Mr Jase. Ranma and Anime Webpage

Please if you any suggestions, comments, forget to mention your name in the credits, etc...Please send it to Arigato!

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