This Fall, a new anime series from GAINAX!

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoo

Fridays , 6:30-7:00PM on the TV Tokyo Network

Stations currently carrying the series include TV Tokyo, TV Hokkaido, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, and TXN Kyushu.
Time slots may vary from station to station.

Other stations with plans to air the series:
Miyagi TV(MMT)
TVue Fukushima(TUF)
TV Niigata(TeNY)
Shizuoka First TV(SDT)
Ishikawa TV(ITC)
Iyo TV (ITV)
Chuugoku Broadcasting(RCC)
Kumamoto Prefectural TV(KKT)
Okinawa TV (OTV)
10/14, 1:20AM
10/14, 12:50AM
First week of November, 12:30AM
10/17, 1:40AM
10/13, 1:30AM
11/7, 1:55AM
10/16, 1:50AM
10/25 2:05AM
10/27, 3:55PM

GAINAX's newest production is a girls' manga!

Miyazawa Yukino gives an unusual amount of attention to drawing interest from others. But on what should be her crowning achievement, the day of her high school entrance ceremonies, her place as representative of the incoming class is swiped by Arima Souichiroo.
Yukino is enraged at Arima over this humiliation, but she ends up revealing to him that part of herself that she never lets anyone see. As a result, the two of them find themselves sharing their hearts with one another.

Three years after the broadcast premiere of
"Neon Genesis Evangelion", director Anno Hideaki brings forth GAINAX's newest anime TV series, a girls' manga. The original is a popular serial in LaLa Magazine, published by Hakusensha--a high-tension pure love story drawn by Tsuda Masami.
With animation production by the popular studio
J. C. Staff, best known for their work on "Revolutionary Girl Utena" and the "Slayers" movies, and with numerous new elements added in all the time, Anno tackles what for him is a new genre. Don't miss it!

Character designs revealed!
The characters in this series are all off-center in one way or another, starting with the overachieving heroine, Miyazawa Yukino. Here they are, in color!
A top-notch staff has been assembled!
See this greatest gathering of industry professionals as they take on the challenge of a new love comedy anime!
Check out next week's episode here!
Find out what's coming up in the broadcast schedule.
Anno gets up close and personal with real live Japanese high school students!
In order to better understand the high school students that make up the main cast of the series, Anno goes directly to a number of area high schools!
Producer's Assistant Muramatsu Ryouko brings you a love-love happy set of production notes!
You'll find out all about Anno and the Karekano Group!
The "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoo" Opening Theme CD single,
"Tenshi no Yubikiri" (An Angel's Pledge), is
On Sale Now!
Performed by Fukua Mai
Lyrics by Fujii Fumiya
Sold by King Records (KIDA-172)
Price: 1020Yen (plus tax)

Hakusensha Website

An authorized website for Enomoto Atsuko (Miyazawa Yukino). You can also sign up for the Karekano mailing list here (Japanese only).

(C)Tsuda Masami, Hakusensha/GAINAX, The Kare2Group, TV Tokyo, SOFTX