1/15/99 - Maison Ikkoku DVD will be released on 3/8 of this year. The price for the DVD is 116000 yen. All the DVDs are Japanese and there are no subtitles for now. It is not known if the English version will be available. Visit if you want to try ordering the set.

1/7/00 - If you want MI on DVD, click on the link below to sign the petition. Who knows? Maybe Viz will see the demand and release a box set!


Maison Ikkoku is a romantic comedy made in Japan by Rumiko Takahashi and is a touching love story revolving around the lives of the hapless student Yusaku Godai, the beautiful manager of his apartment Kyoko Otonashi, and the crazed tenants of Ikkoku-kan.

Originally created as a manga, Maison Ikkoku was made into a ninety-six episode long television series that ran from 1986 to 1988, and has been one of the favorite television series in the rec.arts.anime poll the last few years. The 10th year anniversary of the first airing of this series passed on March 26th, 1996! Currently, Viz Video has picked up the license for Maison Ikkoku and has started releasing the series commerically.

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