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Welcome to a page dedicated to the works of this great mangaka! ^^

In this page there's info about the mangas by YOSHIZUMI Wataru, creator of "Marmalade Boy" and "Mintna Bokura" between others. ^^

As there is a lot of other pages dedicated to Marmalade Boy manga and anime, this one focuses on Wataru's latest works: "Kimi shika iranai," "MINTO na bokura" and her new work: "Random Walk."

What can you find here?

Well, first of all general information about each work, links to other useful information or translations if avalaible, and in the case of thouse two works I mentioned back there, synopsis of each chapter and scans of the manga.
(Please, ask for permission before using the background, text or any of the images in these pages, thank you! ^^)

Wataru Yoshizumi's NEWS: Yoshizumi-sensei will be signing autographs at the 2000 Summer Ribon Festival at Nagoya (5.aug) and Fukuoka (27.aug). You can get special goods related to Random Walk at these events as well.

Wataru Yoshizumi current work/s: "Random Walk," ongoing, Ribon magazine (Shueisha) (monthly)

All images copyright of Wataru Yoshizumi, Shueisha (except background patterns)
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