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Urusei Yatsura Discography

There is no shortage of good anime music out there. But since it's been around for so long, the music of Urusei Yatsura is so often overlooked. If you're thinking of shelling out a fortune for anime music, do yourself a favor and buy Urusei Yatsura music. It's truly classic stuff.

There have been few anime series to have released as many albums as UY. The music from Urusei Yatsura proved to be just as popular as the television series itself.

This discography is a complete guide to just about every Urusei Yatsura CD, record and cassette to have ever been released (except for singles). They are organised by release date. Nearly all of the covers are shown and there are a few track listings for your information.

Special thanks to Jerry Wright who contributed much of the information for this page. The Tomobiki-cho discography wouldn't have been possible without his help.

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