Urusei Yatsura Image Gallery

Image Gallery currently holds 126 images!

All of the pictures within the image bank have been obtained by myself along with Jerry Wright and Aishath Nasir. All of these images were scanned for the purpose of placing it on the internet for you, the fans. This is the first time ever that these images have been available on the internet and this is the only place to find them (that is unless someone decides to swipe them for their own sites). If you have any scans of Urusei Yatsura artwork that you'd like to donate feel free to do so and I will consider posting it. I can't post fan art since this section is only for commercial artwork. Perhaps sometime in the future I may create a section specifically for fan art, but not for a long while.

Anime images copyright Kitty Films
Manga images copyright Shogakukan
All Rights Reserved.

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