You're Under Arrest

taiho0.gif "You're Under Arrest," Fujishima Kosuke's second OAV, came out in the fall of 1994. The first of Fujishima Kosuke's OAV series was "Oh My Goddess!" This second OAV cronicles the adventures of two unique policewomen, Kobayakawa Miyuki and Tsujimoto Natsumi.

"You're Under Arrest" is based on the Japanese manga named "Taiho Shichauzo," which began in 1986 and is yet to be completed. The manga is about Miyuki, Natsumi and all their friend/co-workers at Bokutoo Precinct. Miyuki (the calm, intellectual type) and Natsumi (the wild, brawny type) start out with a bit of friction, but quickly complemented each other in all that they do.

This OAV series contains four episodes, which was first release in September 1994. All four episodes are original stories that do not appear in the manga. The four episodes are named "And So They Met," "Tokyo Typhoon Rally," "Love's Highway Stars," and "On The Road Again."

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