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Hello, and welcome to The Anime Searcher Saber Sanctuary formorly Nosroma's Saber Sanctuary.  Well to all those people looking for the various [ics of the marionettes themselves. Each Marionette has a shrine in the Good section. The Image gallery is for the group pics and pics that don't really have a home. If you have anything you want to see on this site or have a question just Email me and let me know. Well thanks for coming and catch you on the Flip side. Death
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Now in case your wondering the legal stuff. All charecters are owned by there respective makers. I don't have copyright because I did not make them or or shell otu the cash to do copyright this page. A copyright costs around 500 dollars. My Dads also a lawyer so I know what the law is on this subject. Thats because he's a Patent attorney. Handles Copyrights and such. Thank you for coming

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