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Welcome one and all to my page. This page is dedicated to my favorite robot team.

Getter-Robo started out in 1974. Like all of Go Nagai's other robot series ( Mazinger Z,Great Mazinger, etc.) this one took over the airwaves. The getter team has 3 members that would pilot 3 separate machines that would combine together to form a robot. The robots were Getter-1, an air based robot, Getter-2, a land based one, and Getter-3 was the sea based one. Getter-2 and 3 were ok but it was Getter-1 that had the most powerful attacks.

The sequel, Getter-Robo G , upgraded the machines after the old ones were destroyed saving the Earth. Getter-1 became Getter Dragon, Getter-2 became Getter Rygar, and Getter-3 became Getter Posseddon. Once again, Getter-1 (Dragon) , was the most powerful of the three despite of the great new techniques for 2 & 3.

Getter-Robo were in three movies back then. All team-ups with the Mazinger-based machines. Great Mazinger vs. Getter-Robo, Great Mazinger vs. Getter-Robo G, and Great Mazinger / Grandizer / Getter-Robo G : Final Battle. These movies were not one robot fighting the other, just these robots getting together to fight an enemy. The last movie was Go Nagai's farewell to his robots. But, of course, this was not the end for all of these robots.....

Getter-Robo started back up again in a new series in 1991 called Getter Robo Go!. Mostly everything was changed around and it was basically an all new team. It failed and Getter-Robo went back into the pit of Toei until 1995 when Getter-Robo returned....but in game format. The Super Robot Wars RPG series from Banpresto was very popular on the Nintendo system of the day and both the original Getter-Robo and the new Getter-Robo machines (Dragon, Rygar, Posseddon) were in it! The only thing no one was expecting was Getter-Robo getting a new upgrade!!

Shin Getter-Robo was far most powerful now than the old ever could be! The basic design was streamlined with lots of extras here and there on the robots. It seemed like the designers were still working out how powerful Getter-Robo should be because he was basically a little weak when going up against highly armored bosses in the Super Nintendo version of Super Robot Wars part 4.It wasn't until Shin Super Robot Wars came out on the Playstation did people truly know the power of the new Getter-Robo......


Shin Getter-1 is one of the most powerful robots in existance! It is designed for both air combat as well as space combat. The wings on its back are very flexible and usually are "up" when in flight and "down" when walking or stationary. Shin Getter-1 can also heal itself when damage is taken. Minor damage is instantly repaired while major damage takes longer.


GETTER-TOMAHAWK - This weapon is an over-sized, double-handed axe. So sharp, it is cut through almost anything! This comes out of the shoulder (yes, the shoulder!!)

TOMAHAWK BOOMERANG - The Getter-tomahawk is thrown turning it into a spinning blade of destruction! It curves like a boomerang so it can return to Shin Getter-1.

GETTER BEAM - The standard weapon on all past Getter-1 machines. The Getter Beam is very dangerous now. It can destroy smaller oppenents with one blast and damage larger foes seriously.

STUN SUNSHINE - This weapon the second most powerful weapon in Shin Getter-1's weaponery. This attack focuses energy into the hands forming a large ball that looks like a miniture sun. When it is thrown, the object which it is targetted is either totally destroyed or damaged so badly, it would not be able to withstand another one! Or any other attack at that!!

SHIN SHINE SPARK - This is an old technique from Getter Dragon but upgraded to be the most dangerous attack ever!! Shin Getter-1 transforms into pure destructive energy (instead of just being surrounded by energy) and crashes into the enemy. If the target survives, it would be a miracle!


Out of the three robots, Shin Getter-2 is the fastest. Lightly armored, it can evade almost any attack! It's a land-based unit that can also drill underground at high speeds. When nessessary, Shin Getter-2 can really pour on the speed using a technique called the Shin Matsha Special. This technique makes Getter-2 so fast, he becomes a blur of light. It's mostly used to avoid incoming attacks.


DRILL ARM - The drill located on Shin Getter-2's drill arm is highly sharpened. Because of this, Shin Getter-2 can penetrate almost anything. Used mostly when running.

DRILL TEMPEST - Shin Getter-2 forms a pentagram out of pure energy and sends it towards the enemy using his drill arm. When it hits the target, it freezes them in place for a few seconds. Shin Getter-2 leaps into the sky and "jumps" thru the center of the pentagram with its drill arm extended. Very powerful technique especially with the speed the robot uses.....

MIRACLE DRILL - Shin Getter-2 shoots razor sharp small drills toward the enemy. The machine's best technique and also the most damaging.


Shin Getter-3 is the most armored of the three. Because of this, it can take more hits from the enemy without causing serious damage to the unit. Even though it seems slow, this sea based unit can dish out some punishment at close range.


HAMMER PUNCH - Shin Getter-3 uses its massive arms to punch the enemy causing big damage.

GETTER MISSILE - Multiple mini-missiles come from the twin missile bays located on its shoulders. About 10 per shot.

DAISETSUZAN OROSHI - This technique is very, very dangerous to any enemy stupid enough to get close. Shin Getter-3 creates a cyclone that spins the helpless victim around and around until Shin Getter-3 hits it into the sky. Any system aboard the enemy ship is thrown out of wack. When the enemy hit the ground, it is damaged very seriously or is nothing but scrap.

Some of these weapons are in the OVA!!


Ryuma - Pilot of Shin Getter-1. Ryuma is a somewhat crazy kind of guy. Pretty much friendly. Always has faith in the power of Shin Getter-1 when he's piloting it.

In the OVA, Ryuma is a crazed psycho that will take on anything in his path no matter how big and powerful it is!

Hayato - Pilot of Shin Getter-2. Hayato is very calm and cool. He knows more about the Getter robots beacuse he helped in its construction!! A thinker as well as a military-trained fighter.

Hayato really hasn't changed much in the OVA...

Benkei - Pilot of Shin Getter-3. Somewhat of an overweight short guy. His temper is very short. Screams at just about everything that upsets him. Sort of slow when coming up with a plan, but with the armor on his machine, he really doesn't have to worry much! :)

Benkei is a worker after his run with the Getter Team teaming up with Musashi to deliver a top secret project in the OVA.

All of the above are in the various manga series. Images taken from the Super Robot Wars comic series.


Change! Shin Getter Robo is the newest OVA to hit the market. For 1500 yen, a price unheard of in the Japanese animation marketplace, this title quickly sold out around Japan! I have indeed picked up my copy and I can say for the first episode, it has me hooked! I can't wait for the next release that will have 2 EPISODES instead of one!

The next release (OVA # 2) is November 25th for 3500 yen.

One of the more interesting things about this OVA is even the characters from Getter Robo Go ( the manga series) show up!!!


A wrecked Getter-1 streaks toward the moon. As the humans look it over, a creature emerges from it and attacks. A war takes place on the moon with several robots trying to destroy it. At the center of the battle: The Getter Team!

The Getter machines are powered by the unknown Getter Rays which Professor Satome has harnessed as a power source. Assisting him is his son, daughter, Benkei, Musashi, Hayato, and Ryuma.

The professor lies dead at the feet of another professor Satome that has appeared!! No one really knows what's going on but Ryuma seems to take the blame and is locked up.

Benkei and Musashi are asked to deliver a new top secret weapon. On the way, they stop over at Hayato's mansion. Hayato knows something wrong....

As he and the butler walk down the steps, a creature attacks the house destroying the part where Hayato was. The mansion guards along with Musashi and Benkei attack the creature. All the guards are killed except for Musashi and Benkei who were able to rool out of the way. When all seem hopeless, Getter-2 explodes out of the mansion....

With the butler in Getter-2's claw, it attacks the creature. This is a distraction so his friends can get away. The creature surrounds Getter-2. Hayato activates his self-destruct device hoping to take the creature with it but it doesn't.

Benkei and Musashi speed down the highway taking shots at the creature until it leaps on top of the truck. Musashi enters the truck compartment and activates Getter-3. As Getter-3 squeezes the life out of the creature, Musashi eyes a human with growing in a tank of liquid...

Benkei sees a robot up ahead. It's a new Getter machine! The Shin Getter-1 attacks the truck flipping it over and knocking both men for a loop. Shin Getter attacks the creature and kills it. It takes the human in the tank and flys away....

The next day, the military is gearing up for a war. As they prepare, Getter Robo Dragons start appearing by the dozens attack and destroy the military machines. Professor Satome laughs with delight at them with about a hundred Getter Dragons around his Satome Institute.

The military call upon the shakled Ryuma, the Getter leader, for help. They load a Getter-1 up with what it needs and gives it to Ryuma. With a cry of "GETTER WING!" he's out and gone!

In the meantime, Satome is admiring this new powerful being called Go. It appears that the military fear this being because he was created by and soaking up Getter Rays to grow his body. One of the military people call Go a god....which might be true if his body is finished....

Satome is loving every minute of it because this being is his and his alone...until Ryuma arrives....

Ryuma makes quick work of the Getter Dragons arround him in his quest to destroy the now insane professor. The professor tells him to stop attacking his creations and surrender because of the hundreds of Getter Robo G machines surrounding him. Ryuma refuses and the Dragons attack....

Ryuma, clearly outnumbered, outgunned, and without any back-up proves why he's known as the Getter leader and attacks ALL of the Dragons!!! Using only his fists, one Getter Beam shot, and the Tomahawk, Ryuma takes out every Getter that gets close!! The professor changes gears and uses the Getter Rygers after him. Pinning him in the air, The Dragons on the ground throw their Double Tomahawks at the mass of metal. Ryuma splits into the 3 components and the Rygers explode. The professor thinks Ryuma's dead but Ryuma flies out of the explosion and heads into the air. Blocked by the sun, the professor is shocked to see Ryuma back as the Getter-1. Ryuma sends his Tomahawk down hard on the professor, planning on taking everything out at once but the professor puts a shield up. Ryuma opens the door to the Getter and pulls a gun out.

Go stirs in the glass tube. His body is complete and a blast of Getter energy shoots into the air. The Getter Robo G unit break into their 3 components and travel into the light.

Ryuma is completely dumbfounded and the OVA ends....

To be continued in OVA # 2!

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All images above taken from The Super Robot Wars F manga comic featuring Shin Getter Robo, Anime V magazine, and the Change! Shin Getter- Robo OVA box cover.