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Konban wa, minna-san.  My name is Kentyre Fearing, and Blue Seed is one of my very favorite series.  I hope to get this site going shortly, and I'll do my best to make it a good one.  Any and all pictures found on this site have been taken from other sites, so please feel free to take them for yourselves.  If I've credited anyone, please do the same if you plan on displaying these on your own site.  Discriptions of characters and episodes are in my own words, so please do not take them without permission.  Arigato, and enjoy your visit.
This site is based mainly on one characters.  If you are guessing Momiji or Kusanagi, surprisingly, you're wrong.  Her name is Ms. Azusa Matsudaira.  She is my favorite character from Blue Seed.  I believe she has always been greatly unappreciated and totally underestimated.  My thoughts on her are included in the introduction.

In another section of this site, I've set up a place to introduce my own character, Kaijin Tenmei.  I first began working on her character back in my forth grade year.  She has changed very much, but her ideal purpose has not.  Through altering her missions and objectives several times, I've finally intertwined her into the plot of Blue Seed, which was inevitable to begin with.  For those of you who disapprove of such characters, please disregard this.  There will be information on her in the introduction as well.
Of course, it wouldn't be Blue Seed if I didn't include all the stuff on Momiji and Kusanagi that you probably came here to find. So, I've set up all of the basics on the main page.  If you have come seeking other characters, pictures, music, or lyrics, I have them here somewhere, but it may take me a while to get them up.  Onegai, take a look around and e-mail me with any questions.
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