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Saber Marionette (and SM Girls Saber Marionette) is a story about androids which looked like girls, and had an otome (girl) circuit in their hearts. It is a story of love and friendship. (But some of the series also have gags and sexiness.)

There are MANY components in the Saber Marionette world. There is a story Saber Marionette J in Dragon Magazine, an audio drama series Saber Marionette R and Saber Marionette J, an OAV series Saber Marionette R, a TV series and OAV series Saber Marionette J, a radio show Saber Marionette J, a TV series Saber Marionette J to X, a Playstation game Saber Marionette J Battle Sabers, and a manga SM Girls Gaiden Saber Marionette Z (zero).

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General Information

Saber Marionette is based in a world where there were only males. In place of girls, there were androids, called Saber Marionettes. Then in this world, the females re-appear. This is the story of Saber Marionette J. The Saber Marionette J TV series covered the story up to the point where the females re-appear.

Saber Marionette R takes place about 200 years later. The 12 episode audio drama of Saber Marionette R is a prequel to the Saber Marionette R OAV.

Saber Marionette Z takes place 300 years after Saber Marionette R. The sexadolls Brid, Edge, and Kyanny are still alive, as well as Face, and the story is about a new and more powerful prototype saber marionette called Zero.

The Saber Marionettes were androids, but they were just like real girls because they had the otome (girl) circuit in them. This circuit made the androids have hearts like people, ane made them give kindness to ones that they loved.

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