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25/6/ 99
After visiting many other homepages, I really find my interferce a bit dull.  So this update is mostly concentrated at making a new design for this page.  The hyperlink column are replaced by Java script buttons, the title is changed and the background is also modified a bit (well, u might not find any variation ).  Anyway, the drawback is that you need to wait a bit longer to load this page.  Please be patient then .
22/6/ 99
Haven't update for a very long time.  Lack of enthusiasm?  Nope.  Just a bit lazy. 
Some Wallpapers are added.  Thanks Chris for sending me such wonderful wallpapers.
28/ 5/ 99
'Over and Over' from Every Little Thing is available in the Jpop section.  By the way, if u have any comments to my page, please don't hesitate to write a few lines in the guestbook or send me a mail.  Thanks.
27/ 5/ 99
Yesterday is 26th, luckily not infected by CIH virus. :-)   Well, three of my friends have visited this site and signed the guestbook la - so encouraging. 
A song from beatmania has been uploaded.  Hope you like it.
25/ 5/ 99
Hooray!  Today is my birthday!  My beloved computer give me a big surprise: the monitor has 'burnt out'.  >_<

Anyway, 'desktop stuff' scction has opened and there are 3 wallpapers available now.  Another song from Vision of Escaflowne has been uploaded.

24/ 5/ 99
Still a long way to go so as to make this site complete.  I am really a beginner in writing homepages and hope can find some helpers later.
23/ 5/ 99
Hi, Hi.  This site is under heavy construction.  Currently, only anime song page opens and there is only one song available.  It is a piano solo from Kimagure Orange Road.  I'm quite love that anime, and the song is quite nice.  Go there and take a look la.