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Mappy the Mouse on Pia's head Welcome to my ( and, as far as I can tell, only)

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What I have here basically is:

  • An explaination of the story (see below).
  • My Mappy picture archive.
  • A bunch of links that I found on the web.

     If you think that my page is lacking or I missed a link or whatever, then by all means tell me. You can reach me here.

Mappy on Pai

     Mappy is one of the supporting characters in one of the funniest anime I have ever seen. Dragon Half is about a girl, Mink, born from a dragon and a humans' union. As a fan of the pop musician Dick Saucer, it is her goal in life to attend one of his concerts. So she takes her friends, Lufa and Pai, and starts on the journy. Mappy is Pai's gaurdian (Pai's parents are very overprotective).

     The first episode of Dragon Half is about the King's attempt to steal Mink's mother for himself. The King's magician, Rosario, devisis the plan to kidnap Mink and use her as hostage. But Mink is too strong for them and in order to keep her from destroying the palace, bribe her with tickets to a Dick Saucer concert. When Mink finds out that the tickets are fake, she raises such a fit that she draws the attention of Princess Vina: King's daughter, Black Sorceress, and head of the Dick Saucer Fan Club. After they fight Mink decides to search for the magic 'people potion', so she can become full human and marry Dick Saucer. Along the way, they meet the King's head Soldier, the mighty Damaramu.  Mink and Damaramu fight, and Mink is about to be slayed when... Mappy takes Damaramu DOWN! Proving that Mappy the Mouse is someone to be reconed with. Beware.

Mappy in 'kill' mode

     The second episode is about the King trying to get even with Mink. The magician Rosario devises the idea of tricking Mink into entering The Brutal-Killer Martial Arts Contest. This episode doesn't focus so much on Mappy, so I won't focus so much on this episode. The one really cool part about this episode is that it as a really cool scene of Mappy running exuberantly.

     Whenever Pai crosses the path of danger, mappy goes into 'kill' mode. It was with this secret weapon that he was able to take down the King's head Soldier, the mighty Damaramu.

Mappy's fangs

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