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Welcome to the Dragonball S Fanfiction Page! Here are all my Dragonball works in existance. The first is called Dragonball S. This is an entire new series, it is set after Dragonball GT takes place. Those of you who don't like GT, at least give the fic. a chance. Those intersted but know nothing of GT visit these Dragonball GT Summaries. Dragonball S stands for "Dragonball Sekai"...or "Dragonball World".
For a quick run down, GT mainly involves Pilaf wishing Gokou into a child with the Dragonballs. So he (Gokou), Trunks and Pan (Videl and Gohan's daughter) go searching the galaxy for the Dark Dragonballs. They have one year, and after one year, then Gokou will remain a child forever. During their trip they encounter a being called Baby. Baby possesses people and controls them. Baby wants to kill Gokou as earlier Gokou almost killed Baby. Baby goes to Earth and finds out the only way to defeat Gokou is to become powerful an like a Saiyajin himself. So he goes along possesing all the Saiyan's until Gokou and Co. arrive. Gokou and Baby have a bit fight, in which Gokou reaches Super Saiyajin Level 4.
I don't want to give all the story away, and the rest of the info. can be read at the Summeries page, but thats a little info. you need to enjoy Dragonball S the series.
The other works I have ar as listed. Time Will Tell. It is a Real Life oriented story, and sorta silly, but I like it and since I wrote it, I figured it might as well be posted. The next is a little story I came up with after my Literature final while thinking of my "online" mother, Videl. It's called Seaside Sunrise. The next one I wrote is titled "12 & 17". This is a story about two characters who never really interact. This story has the potential to spawn other chapters, so keep up with it. It's set 2 years prior to Dragonball GT, however, it doesn't really follow the GT line.
The latest story I came up with is titled Not Yet Cyborgs. This is about he Jinzouningen before they became Jinzouningen. It's short, sweet and to the point.
*L* Tell me what you think of all my stories, just mail me, trowa@trowa.com. Thanks!

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My Dragonball Z/GT/S Works

Series/Chaptper Title Brief Decription
"Dragonball S" We get to see how everyone is now, in the future, face their new perils and dilemma. A new threat, and see how our favorite characters have grown. Please check it out!
Time Will Tell A One parter. A girl named Diane encounters a strange man in her Computer Room
Seaside Sunrise A One parter. "One might experience a moment like this only once in their entire lifetime"
"12 & 17" Currently a One parter. It's happy occasion for all but two, see them meet, for the first time, and realize how much alike they really are.
Not Yet Cyborgs A One parter. They weren't always the ruthless killer robots, this is a brief look at how they got involved with Doctor Gero, and what resulted from here.

Other DB Fanfics:

  • Till The Right Time Comes DBZ/GT.
    A story written by my online mom Videl (Adrianne). It's a fantastic fic written two years after Dragonball GT. It involves some of the GT members having to go back in time to stop a well-known villain from wishing more evil! I love it! Check it out!

  • Dragonball Z Fanfictions DBZ.
    A collection of a very good writer named Nora Jemison. She's a very talented writer and I highly recommend her fics., The Last Warrior and the sequels that follow it.

  • Ranma ½ Z DBZ.
    Ranma ½ Z is an extremely well written crossover between Ranma ½ and Dragonball Z. It's written by my good friend Tony Chen. It had great drawings and a very intense plot! Go see!

  • Seventeen and In Between DBZ.
    Juunana-Gou vanishes after Dragonball Z and doesn't reappear again until GT as some evil being. Here a very talented writer shows us how a brute like #17 could actually love someone. Very good for #17 fans.

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    Send comments, questions, etc. to: trowa@trowa.com. If you want your own FanFiction link added, email me!