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• Common Name: Heihachi • Alias(s): Z, and Kazaya • Birthday: June 1, 1998 • Age: 17 • Astrological Sign: Gemini • Birthstone: Agate • Likes: Girls, school, training, and Family • Dislikes: Enemies who threaten Earth • Hobbies: Training with Trunks Jr and Goku • Special Strengths: Great mental abilities, and All Strengths • Weaknesses: being called too young • Has trouble with: Spanish • Favorite Food: Corn Dogs • Least Favorite Food: Lima Beans • Favorite Subject: Math • Least Favorite Subject: None • Favorite Animal: Dragon, Rabbit, and Tiger • Least Favorite Animal: Octopus • Signature Phrase: " I'm Gonna Whoop your sorry little butt! " • Favorite Gemstone: Crystal • Race (Human/Alien): Human, and quarter Say-Ian • If Alien; What is the Name of the Race: Say-Ian • Dreams/Goals: To defend the world from the most powerful evil

• Powers/Attacks: See bottom of page. • Weapon(s) of Choice: Ninja Sword, and wooden stick. It can hold, and charge one's ki. It then can blast it out, thus slicing the enemy. It can also block moves. • Physical Appearance: Black hair, put into a Skaters Cut. Wears a big hooded shirt. Has baggy pants, and Armored Hands, and Feet. • Personality: Very Friendly, and kind. Really evil to enimies. • History: Heihachi was raised by Peter, and Trunks Jr. He became very strong at a young age. It was thought that he was all Say-Ian. In fact he was only a quarter Say-Ian. Heihachi began to invent ways of combinding other attacks. His signature move is the ` Dragon's Bite of Death', this attack is extremly powerful. Heihachi has just now started training with Son Goku. His best trainer yet. • Additional Information: Heihachi has two older brothers Peter , and Ha-Kin. The three have made combined attacks. They have also done this with Trunks Jr.

Regular Characters

Son Gokou -Gokou is the main character of Dragonball/Z/GT. He started everything in the original Dragonball. He was a strong young boy with the ability to learn techniques very fast. Gokou is pure of heart unlike many of the saiyajin race. Because of this he gains many friends. Gokou's saiyajin name is Kackarotto yet he hates to be called this because he would rather be called Gokou, his Earth name. Gokou makes many friends throughout the series like Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, and Krillin (Krillin is his best friend). Gokou later marries a young woman named Chi Chi and has two sons, son Gohan and son Goten. Gokou is also the first to go Super Saiyajin, and many agree that Gokou is the legendary Super Saiyajin (I agree that it is Broli). The three Dragonball series, Dragonball/Z/GT tell the story of Gokou's life.

Son Gohan -Gohan is Gokou's oldest son and is a very strong fighter also. Gohan is a stong, pure person like his father. Gohan is not as aggresive as his father and doesnt really like to fight. Even though he doesnt like to fight, since he is only half saiyajin he has more feelings (Like a human) and can get stronger from this. Gohan is very smart. His Mother, Chi Chi always bothered him and told him to study but he never had the time. Gohan was first taught by Piccolo when Gokou died in the first season. Piccolo took Gohan and left him to live on his own. Piccolo saw the great potential in Gohan and knew he was a strong fighter. Gohan was first realized to has great power when he hit Radditz with a devastating attack, cracking saiyajin armor (remember, this is a little kid!!!). Gohan sort of helped battle against Vegeta and Freeza but never had a major role until the Cell saga. He was the first to become Super Saiyajin level 2. Gohan eventually marries a girl named Videl and has a daughter named Pan.

Prince Vegita -Vegeta is basically the first major villian in Dragonball Z. He is the prince of the saiyajin race. Even though he was the prince of the Saiyajin race he didnt care about his planet or anyone else for that matter. Vegeta only cared about himself and had a bad attitude. With his attitude Vegeta first came to Earth in search of the Dragonballs. He found out about them when they heard through the transmiter when Radditz was killed. Vegita came in and thought that nobody could beat him, which was true until Gokou showed up. Vegita was shocked when he found out how strong Gokou had become and was defeated by him. When he was defeated it made him want to destroy Gokou even more. These thoughts wore off because Gokou didnt want him as an enemy and was good to him. It was hard for a Saiyajin like Vegita to become friends with Gokou. Later, Vegita and Bulma had a son they named Trunks. Vegita never really paid attention to his son until majin Buu. Near the end of the series, Vegeta becomes a good guy, yet he still had his attitude and pride that we all come to enjoy.

Krillin -Krillin, a smooth little guy. Krillin is a very short, bald earthling with six dots on his head. He looks kinda weird because he doesnt have a nose. Don't underestimate him because he is small. Krillin is the strongest human in existence. He has become Gokou's best friend in the series. Krillin first appears as a young monk who comes to Kamesennin's (Roshi) island to seek training from the smooth one. At first, Roshi was reluctant to take another pupil, but being smooth as he is Krillin presented him with a dirty magazine. Now Roshi was more than willing to train him. From then on Krillin and Gokou were best friends. Krillin was strong in the begining but as the series went on, the saiyajins were much to strong for Krillin to compete.Although weak he always found a way to help in any way he could. I think that is why he is my favorite character. After the Cell saga, Krillin got a full head of black hair. He ends up marrying #18 and they have a child they name Maron.

Future/Chibi Trunks -There are two Trunks; Chibi Trunks and Future Trunks. Future Trunks is The more powerful of the two. Trunks is Vegeta and Bulma's son. In Trunk's future all of the Z fighters were killed by the artificial humans eccept Gokou who died from heart disease. Trunks travels 20 years back in time to give Gokou medicine so he could survive and destroy the artificial humans. After this Trunks goes back to the future for three years. During this time he gets very powerful. He became so powerful that he surpasses every Z fighter eccept Gohan and maybe Gokou. Future Trunks is very polite and has strong values like Gohan. Unlike his counterpart, Chibi Trunks is not. Chibi Trunks has a bad attitude like his father Vegita. Chibi Trunks never reaches the power level that his future counterpart does, probably because chibi Trunks lived through more good times and Future Trunks did not.

Piccolo -Piccolo, as you can tell is not from Earth. He is actually from a planet called Namek. Piccolo doesnt find this out until Vegita and Nappa tell him. He thought he was from Earth and he didnt even know of his race. In the very begining, Piccolo was Gokou's enemy. The reason for this is because Piccolo Daimaoh, Piccolo's father, was killed by young Gokou. As Picollo's father died he spit out and egg that contained Picollo. Like all Nameks, Piccolo can regenerate any part of his body. Piccolo was Gokou's rival for a long time in the original Dragonball. When Radditz (Gokou's brother) landed on Earth Piccolo was forced to join with Gokou to beat an enemy they both hated. After they won Piccolo took Gohan away to train him. As this year of training young Gohan went on, Piccolo began to form a friendship with young Gohan and became Gohan's best friend. Picollo was now a good guy and always was there to save Gohan. Like Krillin he was not a huge part because of his strength. In every single movie he saves Son Gohan.

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