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From what I have seen of it, DNA2 is basically about Karin Aoi and her efforts to keep Junta Momonari from turning into the mega-playboy. This mega playboy fathers a 100 children who do the same (the males at least ^_^) causing a major population explosion in the future. (whew!) Karin comes from 100 years into the future and is a DNA controller. Unfortunately, she shot Junta with the wrong DNA manipulator bullet and it speeds up his change into the mega playboy (by 120%!!, or so her computer says). Now Karen has to keep an eye out for Junta and to keep him from changing into the mega-playboy. Problem is with this, she herself is also vulnerable to the mega-playboy's charms. Another problem is that Junta has this "allergy" pop up when he sees a woman not fully clothed. All sorts of troubles happens to these two from Karen shooting the wrong person (instead of the wrong bullet this time) to Ami's best friend falling for Junta, to the director coming from the future with one of Junta's offspring to control Junta for himself. This series is pretty funny and Karin is so cute!!


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