Project A-ko

A-ko and a firing tank

The original A-ko series is mainly a play on many other anime. It helps to see a wide variety of anime, or at least the ones played on in this one, before watching this. You might miss a lot of jokes otherwise. But you don't really need to see other anime to watch this. Its funny by itself.

Basically, A-ko is a super strong and super tough heroine of this series. She fights with B-ko over C-ko's friendship. The fights between B-ko and A-ko are funny to watch. In the first and second ones, both A-ko and B-ko agree to a truce (over halfway through the film) to keep the aliens from getting C-ko back. It turns out that C-ko is an alien princess. I'm not sure what the 3rd and 4th ova's are about so check out the other A-ko pages to find out. ^_^

Project A-ko verses Battles 1 and 2 (Grey and Blue sides) is an alternate film compared to the other A-ko films. Both A-ko and B-ko are friends (if you can call their constant arguing friendship) and live on a sand sea planet. Here C-ko is someone they don't know and is being pursued by Gale to ressurrect the dragon goddess, Zina (at least I think that's how you spell their names.) Problem is that B-ko falls for Gale and A-ko is left to deal with the whole situation by herself (with the help of Maruten of the Space Patrol!) and while being pursued by an angry Liza. Over all, it isn't a bad anime, so check it out.

Liza, C-ko, and A-ko, with A-ko and Liza having lions over them.

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