Vampire Hunter D

D on his horse from the anime

This dark anime is placed in the far future. The main character, Doris, is bitten by the vampire Count Magnus Lee and calls upon a vampire hunter to help her. This vampire hunter is actually half-vampire himself. One of the Counts own vampire-hunter hunters is a mutant who can warp space, to where he and the Count's daughter finds out D is half-vampire. This causes some problems when Doris offers herself to him (at the begining and half-way through the movie). Actually this is a good movie and D is awesome. (The names were gotten from the Streamline version.)

*New* 11/24/98: There is another movie in the making. Basically it is a re-make of the original movie but the charcter designs so far are gorgeous. If you don't believe me, go here to look at screenshots from the movie. I'm not sure of the details concering it's release but it definitely looks like it will be brought over here. More details will be put here when they are available.

A lot of you have asked me lately where you can find Vampire Hunter D at. Well, you used to be able to buy it from Streamline directly but there are a few alternatives. You can check Suncoast in a local mall, they normally carry some anime titles. If you have a Blockbuster or a Hollywood Video near you, or any video rental store, they might have it if you're lucky. Otherwise, look around on the online stores on the web. They might have it. I heard from someone that it is out of print which would make it harder to find. As far as I know, the Sci-Fi channel (on cable, don't know if you can get it on satellite) still runs it on their Saturday Anime schedule. Eventually, Streamline might be able to take orders again for this but until then, you will probably have to look around. If there are any other places that you have found it and I haven't listed here, could you please e-mail it to me?

(If you had e-mailed me and this sounds like something I have already told you, well, it probably is. ^_^)

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