There was a mistaken belief that the threat of the Aragami would only make it's battlefield on the shores of it's homeland.

They were wrong......

Already, the menace has spread to the shores of the western United States like a virulent disease.

The TAC, consticted by interantional boundries can do little if nothing to help. It's up to a few brave individuals to somehow prevent the same fate that has already befalled Japan.....

The Roles avalible to you Propsects out there...:
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Our First Episode, "Dead Man Walking":
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Please, please, PLEASE excuse our mess, but this page is in it's infancy, what with rules being hammered out, players found, and other nonsense out of the way! If you are interested in participating, please read the character generation rules and mail me your concepts for consideration! Remember, I loves quirky and interesting characters, even if they somewhat stretch the creation boundries!

So Far people with no lives have been here!