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Hi! ^_^

This page is all about Cyber Idol Mink, the newest manga series from Tachikawa Megumi. Enjoy! =)

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~ Story Intro ~

Shiraishi Minku is an ordinary girl - she loves spending time with her 2 best girlfriends and has a crush on Illiya, the #1 idol who is a singer and actor. One day Minku buys Illiya's newest solo album, but when she takes a look at it, she discovers she actually has a mysterious CD-ROM with a copyright date of 2099! Minku's friend Kanoka pulls out her laptop and inserts the CD to find that the program, WANNA-BE, can create a virtual idol. She types in the data for Minku using the English-letters name "Mink" and suddenly a bright light shines from the Macintosh. A girl who looks just like the virtual idol floats out of the screen and combines with Minku! When Kanoka & Mahoko open their eyes Minku is gone - she's now at the videotaping of an aspiring idol named Azumi. Minku has been transformed into a cute idol complete with pink hair and fancy costume. Mink ends up on TV instead of Azumi, and at the same moment Motoharu, a boy Minku ran into at the CD store, arrives on the scene. Motoharu, slightly blushing, gazes at the transformed Mink and is positive he has found the "diamond" he's been looking for....
This series continues on to tell the story of Mink's rise to stardom. Minku has to keep her transformation a secret, along with Omu, the CD-ROM's talking robot guide who comes out of the computer. Omu warned her not to use the software after he discovered that he is now in the 20th century - it's a major crime to use it in the wrong time! Minku, Omu, and her friends Kanoka & Mahoko (since they are also in on the secret) would vanish if found out! However, Minku has to save Motoharu from a very bad situation, and the only way is to transform into Mink. Minku's feelings for Motoharu, Illiya's feelings for her, a smart but jealous rival, and an annoying reporter intent on printing a scandal about Mink add to the challenge.

~ Series Info ~

Mink is a mahou shoujo, or magical girl. For more information on magical girls, please read the History of Magical Girls article by Dave Endresak in the Guardians of Order Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book. You can order the book from Amazon.com using the link!

Like most mahou shoujo, Minku has a special phrase which she says to become her alternate identity, Mink. She uses a magic pasokon, a palm-size personal computer that looks sort of like a cute cellular phone, to henshin (transform), saying "'WANNA-BE' STAND BY...... Set Up!!" The software does the rest by combining her with the virtual idol. The transformation lasts for a maximum of 3 hours. =)

Kanoka, a pro at computer programming, updates Mink's software with lots of neat additions: Copy, Delete, Later, Protect, Repeat, Reset, and Reverse. Mink can use any of these to make a way out of a jam.... for example, Copy can make a cute Minku clone to fill in for her when she needs to be somewhere else as Mink. Mink even saves the shooting of a TV drama by transporting beautiful scenery when the setting is destroyed by a storm.

Tachikawa Megumi is my favorite mangaka (manga creator) because she is excellent at romance, drama, and cute comedy; her drawing style is light, pretty, and detailed. Megumi-sensei's characters are endearing and likeable. I was looking forward to seeing this story for 3 months and had every confidence that Mink's story would be just as beautiful & fun as her previous work. Even so, I was still amazed at what she did in just the first chapter. ^_^ She's going in completely new directions with this story, but continuing with her wonderous charm and innocence. As the story progresses, we see Megumi-sensei breathe magic into the paper. One such example is the truely magical scene of butterflies fluttering about Mink and Motoharu as the rain stops falling. It must be seen to be believed.

Mink has long pink hair and violet eyes. A number of anime idols have had pink hair also, such as Youko from "Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youko", Shiratori Nagisa from "CHOU! Kuseninarisou", and Aida Sachiko from "Debut". In Japan the color pink implies youth and innocence - the youngest, cutest, most childish idols are often portrayed with pink hair or pink accessories. It all adds to their image - for an idol, image is everything! Other pink-haired magical girls include Minky Momo from "Mahou no Princess Minky Momo" and Hanasaki Momoko from "Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach". You can buy the Minky Momo anime movie in English on the Web from Amazon.com at a very inexpensive price: Magical Princess Gigi Dubbed VHS. I would guess that Megumi-sensei has been influenced by these girls' series. ^_^

~ Buy It! ~

Cyber Idol Mink is running in the monthly shoujo manga magazine Nakayosi (a.k.a. Nakayoshi) in Japan. It began in the September 1999 issue. Nakayosi is available to you by mail-order from Sasuga Bookstore, The Place, or Nikaku Animart. Just go to their web sites for ordering information, or to order through the internet! You can also search for "Nakayoshi" or "Nakayosi" on eBay and see if anyone is auctioning off current issues.

Nakayosi features about 9 large stories and 5 short stories & include little goodies such as stationery, stickers, diaries, posters, toys, and boxes with each issue. It also includes exclusive color manga artwork, video game reviews, manga previews, celebrity interviews, CD & movie news, manga-drawing technique, what's new and cool in Japan, fan art, and more. I highly recommend it if you like shoujo manga art.

Some of the main series featured in Nakayosi currently are:

  • "Love Witch" by Takeuchi Naoko (creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)
  • "Shin Daa! Daa! Daa!" by Kawamura Mika (creator of Taiho Shite Mi~na!)
  • "Oja Majou Do Re Mi" by Toudou Izumi (creator of Hello Spank!)
  • "Tokyo Mew-Mew"
  • "Musume. Monogatari"
  • "Uru Q" by Akimoto Nami (creator of Miracle Girls & Les Mille Fluers)
  • "BiBitte Muucho" by Fukushima Haruka
  • "Ju-ni Miya de Tsukamaete" by Andou Natsumi ( creator of Smile de Ikou!)
  • "Milk Shake" by Ezuki Himawari
  • "Wankorobe" by Abe Yuriko

The first 5 Cyber Idol Mink manga books are out! Here's the info you need to special order from a local Japanese bookstore or certain websites.

Title: Saibaa Aidoru Minku

Mangaka: Tachikawa Megumi

Price: 390 en

Tachikawa Megumi's other manga series are all exceptional. Click on the title links for more in-depth manga intros. In order to help you buy them, here are the titles and ISBN numbers. Special order from a local Japanese bookstore or certain websites.

ISBN Numbers for Manga & Artbooks
Click here for a list of bookstores in the U.S.: Japanese Bookstores
Kaitou Saint Tail
By day Meimi is a normal schoolgirl, but at night she transforms into the mysterious thief Saint Tail. Aided by her best friend & nun-in-training, Seira, and chased after by the comical detective Asuka Jr., she steals from thieves and gives the items back to the rightful owners. A magical and sweet romance not to be missed.
Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara Dream Saga
After Yuuki catches a comma-shaped bead falling from the sky, she is transported to Takamagahara, land of the gods, whenever she falls asleep. As the legendary girl of the land, along with four others who she meets in both the "real" world and the dream world, she must use magical powers to rescue the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. A beautiful fantasy epic.
Hot Typhoon
Chaki is the Son Goku of Chinese legend and attends a wacky martial arts doujou. She befriends a number of unusual guys and they fight against silly mysterious villains amongst slapstick comedy and cute situations. Funny and enjoyable.
Yume Kui Annai Nin
A series of short stories each about different characters who are visited by Bakuo-kun, the mythological dream eater and his human girl friend Marin. They will give a girl who has a dream a magical item based on a classic faerie tale in order to make her wish come true. Sometimes it works and Bakuo-kun gets a delicious meal, but other times... well, it's always a surprise. A delightful and whimsical series.

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