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Welcome to The Anime Themes Ring™ page. Have you ever tried to find anime themes and addons on the net? This ring attempts to pool them all together into one unifying force of anime pages. The ring is is welcomed to everyone and is unbiased to any computer system. Why join the ring? Easy, it gives your page more exposure and it makes it easy for people (otaku ^_^) to find anime themes and addons on the net.


  1. Your site must be complete and not be under construction.
  2. Your site must pertain to anime themes and must meet with all or in part of the following criteria
    • Plus! themes (Windows 95)
    • Icons
    • Cursors
    • Wallpaper
    • Screen Savers
    • Sound Events
    • Start up/Shutdown Screens (Windows 95)
  3. The ring fragment MUST appear on your main page. It cannot reside on a sub-page or links page.
If you think your site meets this criteria, and you would like to participate in the ring, click join.

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