"In the name of the planet Jupiter, I will punish you!"

Name: Makoto, Sailor Jupiter
Birthday: December 5
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O+
Favorite Color: green/sugar pink
Hobbies: bargian hunting, cooking, boy chasing
Favorite Food: cherry pie, meatloaf
Least Fave Food: none (that girl can cook!)
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Fave Subject: Physics
Has Trouble With: airplanes
Strong Point: cooking, ice skating
Dream: to be a world famous chef
Gemstone: Emerald

~Sailor Jupiter's Attacks~
*Jupiter Supreme Thunder
*Jupiter Supreme Thunder Dragon
*Sparkling Wide Pressure
*Jupiter Oak Evolution

 Makoto is the Senshi of lightning and then wood (her planets element).
Makoto is the tallest of the Inner Senshi and also the strongest, she 
takes her Senshi duties very seriously. She is also very loyal and is
the first into a fight and the last to back down. Her friends are very
important to her because after her parents death she was alone until
Usagi befriended her one noon hour being the only one at school who 
was not afraid to talk to her(food was involved!). She is known as 
Mako-chan by her friends.

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