"In the name of the planet Mars, I will punish you!"

Name: Rei, Sailor Mars
Birthday: April 17
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Color: red/black
Hobbies: fortune telling, skiing, yelling at Usagi
Favorite Food: fugu
Least Fave Food: canned asparagus
Favorite Subject: ancient writing
Least Fave Subject: modern society
Has Trouble With: television
Strong Points: meditation
Dream: to be a head priestess
Gemstone: Ruby

~Sailor Mars's Attacks~
*Mars Fire Soul
*Mars Fire Soul Bird
*Mars Burning Mandala
*Mars Flame Sniper

 Rei is the Senshi of fire. Her quick temper and passionate nature fit
in with this theme. Rei is stubborn but also very traditional. She is
constantly picking on Usagi but deep down cares very much for her. 

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