I am the sailor-suited pretty soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!

Name: Serena, Usagi, Sailor Moon
Birthday: June 30
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O-
Favorite Color: white/pink
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, video games, comic books, shopping
Favorite Food: everything!
Least Fave Food: carrots
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Fave Subject: everything else!
Trouble Spots: dentists, ghosts, school
Strong Points: crying, eating, being loyal
Dream: to be a bride
Gemstone: Diamond

~Sailor Moon's Attacks~
*Moon Gorgeous Meditation
*Moon Princess Halation
*Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
*Moon Spiral Heart Attack
*Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
*Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss

 As Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Usagi is the leader of the Senshi.
She doesn't seem to take the role seriously though and often has to be
rescued by one of the other Senshi. Her eating and sleeping habits and 
her klutziness do make her loveable though.

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