"Sailor Venus, strutting on the stage."

Name: Minako, Mina, Sailor Venus
Birthday: October 22
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B
Favorite Color: yellow/red
Hobbies: shopping, volleyball
Favorite Food: gyouza, curry, ramen
Least Fave Food: shiitake mushrooms
Favorite Subject: Phys. Ed.
Least Fave Subject: everything else
Has Trouble With: mama, the police
Strong Point: playing(this girl knows how to relax!)
Dream: to be an idol
Gemstone: Topaz

~Sailor Venus's Attacks~
*Venus Crescent Beam
*Venus Crescent Beam Shower
*Venus Love Me Chain
*Venus Love and Beauty Shock

 Minako is the glamour girl of the group, her fashion sense and 
outgoing personality make her a favorite of many people.

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