Greetings, and welcome to my lair. Here you will find all the moves and combo's needed to become the true ruler of the night. If you are looking for a picture archive, sounds or other misc stuff, you're in the wrong place. If you are looking for combos and a little strategy, take a look around, I think you'll enjoy what you see. I will update this page whenever I find a new combo or strategy that works well. If you have anything you would like to contribute to this page e-mail me at the address below. And please don't flame me to bad, this is my first attempt at making a web page.

Lillith Aensland

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Here are the conventions I will be using in each of the characters pages.

Light Punch			1		Jab Punch
Medium Punch			2		
Hard Punch			3		Fierce Punch
Light Kick			4		Short Kick
Medium Kick			5		Forward Kick	
Hard Kick			6		Roundhouse Kick

CH				Chain Combo
EX				EX Special	
ES				ES Special
DF				Dark Force
CR				Crouching
SJ				Super Jump

All moves are for standing characters facing right unless otherwise noted. 
For characters facing left, just do the inverse motion where applicable.

The Dark Stalkers

Lillith's Page
Morrigan's Page
Bishamon's Page
Demitri's Page
Anakaris' Page
Jon Talbain's Page
Hsein-Ko's Page
Sasquatch's Page
Felicia's Page
Lord Rapter's Page

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