Welcome to the Temple of the Mountain Headlands, one of all too few Linna shrines. If you have any pages devoted to the High Priestess Linna, or any helpful advice to give to the Temple Maintainer (and woefully underpaid errand girl), feel free to send the information right on over! But for now, take a look at what the Temple has to offer the Linna fan in you:

  • Information on Linna!
  • Linna's Enviable Statistics!
  • Linna's Hardsuit! (I want one!)
  • Neat Linna Stuff!
  • Images of Linna!
  • Multimedia Files!
  • Tokyo 2040's Linna!
  • Bubblegum Crisis Links!

    Wondering about other Linna shrines? They're few and far between, but here are a few that I've found lying around the Internet:

    The Linna Yamazaki Shrine (First ever Linna page!)
    The Gallery of Linna Yamazaki (Linna pics!)
    The Ookikunai Linna Shrine (Cute little page!)

  • Webrings, Etc.

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